You’re Grounded… But I Think You’ll LIKE it!

As a lover of nature, trees, and the outdoors in general, I’ve always embraced that first warm day in the spring when the ground is no longer ‘cold’ to the touch. I love to be barefoot whenever possible!

Since embarking on my personal vitality-journey, my hormones are regulated, and my resistance to the heavier heat & humidity have subsided. In fact, I FREAKIN’ LOVE THE WARM…. the HOT… EVEN the humidity! {Though my curly hair still prefers to go without the extra moisture.} This is a welcome change for my bod, especially since I now have a very limited desire for much to do with winter any more. [I like a white Christmas. Then, I’m ready for the thaw.]

As it would turn out – my intuition has been guiding me to a very natural and effective way of connecting with the energy of the Earth. After all, we are all electric. (Boogie woogie woogie) But truly, everything around us and within us is comprised of – Energy.

Studies suggest that we can benefit greatly in a multitude of ways by simply making direct contact with the ground, enabling us to harness the Earth’s electrons.
Some of these benefits include:

  • sleep regulation
  • reduced inflammation
  • heartbeat regulation and reduction in heart disease risk
  • heightened immunity
  • stress reduction
  • heightened energy levels

AND… it is said to counteract or offset the potential negative impacts of our regular exposure to electromagnetic fields. (We come into contact with these low level electronic emissions through cell phone use & carrying them close to our bodies, computer use, TV’s, Stereos, and other electronic devices – as well as residing near prominent wiring within the walls of our homes.) There is quite a bit of evidence supporting the impacts of EMFs on our systems. It could potentially be linked to certain cancers, brain tumors, hormone issues, heart disease, sleep problems, headaches, and Alzheimer’s. The list is expected to grow as more is learned about this connection and how it disrupts our internal systems. It makes sense. We can see and hear electrical interference with certain devices, like baby monitors and radio frequencies…. Why wouldn’t electrical currents potentially interfere with our internal energies?

Hey, if I stand a chance at improving my physcical internal balance, as well as my emotional and spiritual balance, by simply walking through the grass, sand, dirt, or rocks in my bare feet…. I’m all over it! [It works on sidewalks/ cement as well!] Grass dewey, or ground wet? Even better – as the impact is amplified. I like bonding with Mother Earth. Now – if I can just find my way out of this frozen northern tundra for the duration of the winter months…. I’ll be set! [Something to aspire to.] In the meantime, I’m gonna connect my bare feet to the ground as much as I can while the warm temps last!

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  1. The benefits of making direct contact with the ground are so interesting!! This makes a lot of sense and explains why it feels so good to go barefoot 🙂 Fun to see studies that support intuitive knowing.

  2. dmackladykp2

    I totally agree, Jenna! It seems so simple, right? In many cases – it is. We’ve just lost ‘touch’ with some of the real benefits that are around us. They are often just taken for granted or harder to come by anymore. But we have the tools within us to figure out ways of bettering our lives. Thanks for commenting!

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