My Easy Good-Smellin’ Natural Deodorant

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I wouldn’t believe that it works if I hadn’t tested it for myself…. but I’m now in smelly-good-LOVE with my home-made deodorants!! BONUS: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create this stuff….. And this is about as close as I come to achieving that kind of title!


Welcome to my la-bor-a-tory…. [Ha Ha Haaaaaa]

I’ve tried a slew of deodorants over the years. I’ve been wanting desperately to avoid toxins – especially with the potential link between aluminum-containing antiperspirants & breast cancer. But I’ve also been a sweat-monster since I hit puberty…. and I cannot stand it when I can smell myself!

I found out the hard way that I couldn’t go without antiperspirant in the ‘natural’ deodorants purchased on the market. Those without it simply didn’t keep the skunk-demons from hunting me down. So needless to say – I was reluctant to even try this at first…

But – then I thought, what the hey? Can it hurt to try? I have never looked back. Would you believe me if I told you I’m not likely to get that whiff of “uh-oh” at all any more – even after working my butt off in the hot summer sun on a yard-project? Yep. Stationary bike? It’s got nothin’ on this! I used to get that inkling that things are about to turn sour – even with the heavy-duty-chemical-laden crapola. Not any more.

I had done some scouring for recipes – and have made a few of my own personal combos and concoctions from the various suggestions swirling around out there. Here’s how I roll:


  • A clean glass jar (approx 6 oz, or larger) *{Avoiding toxins also means avoiding plastic.}
  • Approximately 4-5 Tablespoons of Arrowroot Powder
  • Approximately 5 Tablespoons of (aluminum-free) Baking Soda
  • Roughly 3 heaping Tablespoons of organic, unrefined Coconut Oil [purchased in a glass jar]
  • *Optional: pure essential oil in preferred scent (about 5-10 drops, per your pref.)

These are all ‘approximate’ because I’ve never actually measured it out to the exact, and it can vary depending on how much you’re making. I have a trick to getting the right consistency, which I’ll share below…



  •  If in a cooler climate, the Coconut Oil will naturally harden. Place your clean glass jar with the amount of coconut oil you desire (approx 3 heaping Tbs) – into a small pot of water, and heat slowly until melted/ liquid. *NOTE: Do not microwave. It will hinder the effectiveness of your coconut oil.
  • Add your Arrowroot Powder & stir. It’ll begin to thicken somewhat.
  • Add your essential oil if you desire. *I’ve tried Lavender, or Pine scents (so far)…  Both blend well with my natural essential-oil body sprays from Aveda, and are masculine enough for Joel (hubby) to enjoy them too. Also – they contain natural antiseptic/ antifungal properties.
  • Add your Baking Soda until it begins to turn into a fairly thick PASTE – but will still run slowly when spooned – as shown below.


  •  Dab your finger into the mixture and ‘test’ it on the back of your hand. It should spread smoothly, and mostly clearly – with a slight white-ish film…. Like in this image. *{It will dry clear too!}


  • Simply apply to underarms with your fingers. Its all-natural, so you can rub the rest into your hands if you want, like a lotion! (All edible – except the essential oils, meant for topical applications – and all SAFE!)
  • *I notice that I have to smear it on somewhat thick. I like a decent layer on there. It’s what does the trick!
  • In warmer temps, it’ll remain melted. Give it a bit of a stir with your finger first – to get the thicker components on there (versus just the separated layer of coconut oil). Trust me – it’s worth it!

By the way – this little beauty of a jar will last me between 4 & 6 months! So it’s a steal of a deal besides.


Feel free to experiment with different scents and different layering/ thickness of application to suit your needs. It’s how I figured out my own personalized version of this.
I love, love, LOVE this stuff! Nature simply & purely (did’ja catch that?) ROCKS.
<Insert Happy dance>

Are you struggling with itching or a rash with the natural deodorant? Fear not – I have a remedy for that!

So – after some time, I started to have some itching in the ol’ underarm area…. “No biggie”, I thought at first. And, it was only intermittent. Then, I went through a couple of weeks without any irritation at all. However – I started to suddenly break out in my underarms. It looked like a rash, (similar to major razor burn)… It was annoying! It also started itching again, and was just generally awful-looking. I did some digging (which I’m famous for – or will be one day??) I wasn’t sure why it was such a problem now, when it hadn’t been an issue leading up to now. I learned that the baking soda can offset the PH balance of the skin in that area after time. It all suddenly made sense.

So, rather than starting anew with an entirely different (and less ideal, less effective) natural deodorant recipe (such as one suggested on one of the sites) – I thought, “Let’s try this without the baking soda.”

I knew that the arrowroot starch wouldn’t thicken up the same way without the addition of the baking soda. So – I started ‘backwards’ with the baking soda-free version. I poured the arrowroot starch into my glass jar, and slowly added the liquified coconut oil – stirring until it all blended well and became somewhat ‘muddy’ or pasty. I also added about 6-7 drops of oil. (Been using essential orange oil  – AMAZING with the coconut oil – and so subtle.) For the first 48 hours, my rash began gradually disappearing. After 3 days – it was gone! I haven’t itched in that time either…. And – I still don’t stink! Just as effective, simple, and inexpensive – but without the side-effects. Bama!

Another suggestion I found was to use approximately a Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to 1 cup of distilled or ultra-filtered water – and dab onto underarms before applying natural deodorant. (Balances the PH again. Allow to dry fully before applying deodorant.) I have 2 qualms about this. #1) – I do not like the scent of apple cider vinegar – and don’t want to risk smelling anything remotely like it. [I’m gifted with sensitive nostrils, remember?] #2) – I don’t have the patience for all of this – especially in the mornings. (It’s no secret that I’m not a morning-girl.) But if it could work for you – and you can continue using up the last of your baking-soda containing natural deodorant – then more power to ya! Have at it.

Hope this helps, my wellness-wonders! Don’t give up on that natural deodorant. It’s so beneficial in so many ways. And where there’s a will, there IS a way~

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