Are You Eating “Fast Food” Every Day?

Just the other day I was waiting in line at Target… I overheard a conversation between a young mother and her 2 boys, who appeared to be roughly the same ages as my 2 little girls.

Mother: “Okay….So once we’re done here, we’ll stop for something to eat, and then head back home, okay?”

Older son: “Can we get McDonald’s?!”

Mother: “No. No…… You guys just had McDonald’s yesterday, and we don’t eat fast food every day.

By this point, I had already begun to curiously scan the contents of her overflowing shopping cart…. In addition to some of the classic basics – such as conventional breads (usually laden with sugars, GMOs, artificial additives, and preservatives) and conventional milk housed in plastic jugs (potential harmful growth hormones, antibiotics, and no real benefit when it’s been processed and pasteurized, and then stored in chemical-laden plastic) – the cart also contained two packages of “S’mores” cookies, 1 bag of marshmallows, 2 packages of ‘Halloween’ snack cakes, several cans of ravioli and ‘Spaghettios’, a family-sized box of conventional pop-tarts, and more family-sized boxes of ‘Stouffer’s’ pre-packaged dinners…

At that moment, I wanted so badly to hand her a card and whisper into her ear, “Actually, it looks like you DO eat ‘fast food’ every day. But you have a choice. I can help you learn how to choose better options…

What held me back? I was afraid I’d come across to her as judgmental or belittling. Here’s the thing… I USED TO EAT those same things! Most simply don’t realize what’s really IN there… We can’t make informed choices when we aren’t TRULY informed. I want to take this opportunity to make it very clear here – that I DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLE for their choices.

However, I DO feel called by God to help people become informed, sifting through the propaganda to find the truth, and learn how to TRULY NURTURE OUR BODIES & SOULS. This will enable each of us to not only better our own lives and that of our children and families, but also – help shape the future of our foods and personal care products. WE have the POWER to facilitate that change. In fact, it’s seemingly the only way the big corporations will ever change… if their bottom-line is suffering. We can CHOOSE what we purchase. The more we learn, the more we can make informed choices that will truly fuel us – and limit adding to our bodies’ toxic load.

It does NOT have to be hard. You do NOT need a degree in nutrition or formal training in the medical field. [In fact, those resources are too often well-studied only in traditional western training, which will not do us much good when it comes to peeling back those layers & revealing what’s being hidden underneath.]

You do NOT need gobs of time or money, as is often assumed. That’s part of my mission – providing oodles of info that I’ve gathered over the course of 13+ years thus far. And – YES. Although, it will cost some more money to buy truly healthy foods, it’s not as much as most people think – and it’s actually pretty easy to re-prioritize some expenses to make it fit your lifestyle. We did it. We’re a family of 4 on a single income… (So far, that is! Over time, I hope to contribute some income to my family in the future by raising awareness and spreading the word on this very site…) The point is, if we can do it – so can you! The bonus is – I’m giving you the info I’ve already learned (and continue to learn) along the way – shrinking your learning-curve exponentially. (You dig? Me too!)

Additionally, you do NOT need to give up ‘fun’ foods or things you enjoy in order to be healthy. It’s about embracing substitutions and natural health boosts, by using better ingredients, and swapping poor habits for better ones!

QUALITY OF LIFE is important. The problem is – most of us won’t realize its impact on our day-to-day lives until we start to lose it. If you can prevent ailments and illness, and increase your quality of life – with simple tips, easy adjustments, and truthful knowledge – why wouldn’t you? I’m here to get you started, help you along, and spread awareness; Together – we can change the world!

WE ALL START SOMEWHERE. I encourage you – take one little step today. That could mean reading a few more articles on the website to learn something new. It could mean deciding to limit or eliminate one thing from your daily routine – such as refined sugar, or sodas. Maybe you want to ADD one small thing to your daily-doings, to boost your health for the positive, such as a few dashes of Turmeric and black pepper to your evening meals.

TELL US… What will YOU DO to BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TODAY?!? 🙂 Share in the comments below!

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