Happiness is a Choice…

Here is the room all decorated for Christmas…. I was sitting here by the fireplace today – sans the decorations – though those will be coming out again soon as well!

On this EARLY first day of Winter, as the wind blows pellets of frozen precipitation against my windows and the ground outside is abruptly being hidden from view – camouflaged beneath a thick blanket of white, I can no longer pretend it isn’t happening. I’m sitting here contemplating how much I had hoped for a shorter, milder, and less snowy winter this year. (Yes, please – laugh with me!)

We were hit – HARD – here in the upper mid-west last season – with a polar vortex that equated to an exceptionally cold, long, and very very white Winter. The year before that – It snowed October through May…. (Yeah. I know. Winter has become a four-letter-word around here in recent years.)

After trekking out into the thick of it to do my least favorite Winter-task (cleaning the snow off of the truck that literally towers over me by about the height of me x2) – I thought to myself, “I can grumble under my breath about how much I haaaate this process… OR – I can figure out a way to embrace the change of seasons.”

So with that, I selected door #2. What was behind that door, you ask? I’ll tell you. Some grand prizes, if I do say so myself!

  1. A hot cup of fresh-brewed, organic tea. (Health-boost-bonus!)
  2. A glowing, toasty-warm, visually soothing, irresistible fire in the fireplace. (First of the season! I moved my “office” [laptop] into the living room for the day.)
  3. A favorite scent wafting through the room in an oil-diffuser…
  4. Candles glowing throughout the house….
  5. CD’s featuring my favorite sounds in the world – sounds of nature. I have 5 nature-disks that are in the five-disk player – just set to go for hours… There are a couple of good thunderstorms, some loons, wolves, a crackling fire, frogs (THE best sound found in nature, next to the giggle of wee-ones), crickets, grasshoppers, birds – along with some relaxing instrumentals – including the blues…. I’m bringing nature INDOORS for the season, baby!
  6. Gratitude. I’m suddenly flooded with glee over the fact that I can burn a relaxing, cozy fire in the fireplace, sip tea, listen to the sounds of nature, and bask in the glow of candles and essential oils as I employ my creative side while doing my work.
  7. The first tingling of that magical Christmas spirit has started to rustle inside of me, as I realize I can also incorporate some festive holiday music into my days… (Not that I need a reason to justify this desire on Nov 1st every year. I love the holiday spirit and vibe, and relish in that in spite of my distaste for long and bitterly-cold winters.) 🙂

Instead of being despondent over this thing that I cannot control… I’m focusing my energy on making it work for me… making the most of it. ENJOYING it, even. (Imagine that!) And I gotta say – I’m not completely dreading it any more.

Sometimes we’re pushed out of our comfort zones for good reason – to reassess what might need changing or a shift. Sometimes, we’re faced with things that are not in our control, or that which we don’t have an option to directly change. However, we do maintain control over how we react to each of these types of situations or circumstances – and that is going to play a major role in how we experience those things, and what we gain from the experiences.

I’ve been on a roll lately with more of the spiritual side of health & happiness – so I figured, why stop now? When it comes to me, it comes to me; and I’m feeling called to share it with you.


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