Divine Clarity Begets Harmony, and PURPOSE

Hello my wellness-wonders!

This week’s post is a bit more in-depth. A bit more personal. And, hopefully – inspiring! If you are looking for a greater sense of direction in life, and you’re struggling to find the right path(s) to take, you definitely stand to benefit from the read (and the attached video) – as well as the book links you’ll find near the bottom of the page. Gift yourself with a little you-time, and settle in for some enlightenment, won’t you?


All of us can relate to the chaotic and confusing ups and downs that life inevitably brings. We’ve all been there. We’ve been in places we often regretfully or shamefully refer to as “the bottom”, the “downward spiral”, the “abyss”… We’ve felt stuck. We’ve been so upside-down –  frozen with uncertainty or fear about what our next move should be. Sometimes we wonder ‘is it worth it?’ There never seems to be a straightforward answer to that question, does there? Nope. Nada. Well, there are answers…. They aren’t so straightforward though, that’s for sure!


I’ve been there. I’m generally what you’d call an optimistic person…. Viewing challenges as a (sometimes-not-so) gentle nudge toward something better – something meant for us. This mindset also clearly indicates how highly spiritual I am. I believe we’re all here for a purpose. We’re not all meant to be famous or touch people on a broad scale, but every encounter, interaction, person we brush up against in this life feeds our purpose, and theirs. We all touch the lives we touch – whether that be 1 single soul, or that of thousands – for a reason. A higher purpose. And I tend to believe that all things happen for a good reason – even the negative situations. This genuinely helps propel me forward, even during those darker, well-diving hours.


Not too terribly long ago – I felt incredibly glued to a cycle from which it seemed there was no breaking free. It was similar to being at the bottom of that dark well…. You can only swim in small circles. You can’t seem to find a way up. You see the the warm glow of daylight up there, but the light doesn’t reach you at that depth. There is no clear path to navigate. No ladder. No means of climbing those smooth, slippery walls.

I was starting to wonder what I should be doing… I couldn’t seem to get my mind straight and figure out how I wanted to move. I was tired of a feeling of merely ‘staying afloat’. I wanted, at the very least, to be CLIMBING that wall! Movement. Forward Momentum.

For me, personally, I was in a financial rut. I was at a crossroads with my previous business in the field of photography – loving the art, but despising the industry. I was still battling recurring mystery-symptoms that left me feeling helpless about my own health and well-being, in spite of how much I already knew about digging up those health-truths at that time. *[More about how I overcame that HERE and HERE, and more recently – HERE too.] I felt like I couldn’t get my mind clear or keep focused. I knew I was also not fully myself during that time. I felt more withdrawn. More impatient. More tired. Not enough JOY! We don’t always choose our circumstances, but we do choose how we respond to them.

Although I was very aware that I had a choice as to how I could react to my seemingly unending cycle of difficulty, I couldn’t figure out a ‘way’ to move forward. And hence, I remained in a cycle for some time –  with better days in there than others. Question-marks abounding…. Life’s distractions pounding. Surviving – though I wanted to be thriving.


I found my way into a course that seemed to fit my needs as a small-biz operator in the field of photography. It felt a bit scary – another ‘unknown’ – but I decided I needed to do SOMETHING. So with the support of the hubby – I took the course. I spent hours and days pouring through the details, taking stealthy notes, and working my ass off. I was balancing this with home-making (laundry, dishes, groceries, bills), mothering my 2 young daughters, ‘wifing’ my husband, and trying to keep my business running. I tested my limits, only to become disappointed. It was A) a kind of “my way is the best way” approach to marketing to the wedding photo industry, from the viewpoint of the writer… [I’m always seeking ways to approach things with my own twist]…. and B) I had unfortunately already learned a solid 90% of it from the writer – for free online. Thankfully, there was a money-back guarantee, and upon hearing my story, she stood behind that. However, I felt like I’d hit yet another roadblock.


But was it? No – not so much. I still learned. I learned about myself. I learned about my abilities. I learned about my limits. I learned through the photo-biz I eventually gave up. I learned that the path to our ‘meant-to-be-moments’ isn’t always direct. There are curves and blind-spots, and a few necessary detours that ultimately lead us back to what our HEARTS are pursuing. Yes. I said our HEARTS. Because when we stay TRUE to our hearts – nothing can get in the way permanently. We may find ourselves battling a few set-backs – but they aren’t here to stay. And, they teach us something we need to know for the next detour. Or the next opportunity at that fork in the road….


And – NOT by accident or coincidence, my photo-biz-course-not-for-much wound up leading me to an inspiring woman, about whom I cannot say enough good. Marie Forleo! For stellar inspiration that you can apply to both life and business – check out her site at MarieForleo.com.

Again – not at ALL by accident – the planets aligned and pointed me to an interview that I NEEDED to see – right then and there. I was led via Marie Forleo to Danielle LaPorte –  a ‘fire starter’ of a woman whose spirituality and intuition are beyond inspirational…. Truly soul-soothing. Her insights just resonate with me so deeply, and I couldn’t be more grateful for both the reminders and new perspectives she’s been able to supply me with at every new interval of my journey since. PLEASE check out her site for gobs of motivational, spirit-healing, fire-breathing, go-getter-girl wonder! [Thank you for helping me recognize how desire is HEALTHY – and how to put it all into perspective. Desire + contentment ARE possible together. Just enjoy the process, and don’t be ‘pushy’. Best. Advice. EVER.]

BTW: When you combine the wisdom and greatness of these 2 women – It’s a motivational force to be reckoned with!

Here is the video I was brought to by the cosmos that fine day: MarieTV Interview – Desire – Marie Forleo & Danielle LaPorte  It is WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR TIME. You won’t regret watching this. Or click below:


I watched this video. I cried. Tears of relief. Tears of JOY. (Yes – I felt JOY…  Right. THEN.) I felt the presence of my God and the Universe propelling me toward what I was meant to move toward again. I found a vine at the bottom of the well. It was long and strong, and I began to climb. I was moving again. Forward momentum. Mmmmmm. Good stuff. [I watch this vid every couple of months. It’s THAT amazing! I recommend you watch it more than once too!]


At first – my list of Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) was literally (no joke) 25-feelings long. Whew! I just let it pour outta me – all the ways I want to feel, and what resonates. Then, I started to recognize that many of them overlapped – and in multiple ways… I narrowed it down to my top 5 based on that. I had it (somewhat) figured out.

Now, here’s the beauty about this…. You can CHANGE them. You will continue to evolve and grow, and so can your CDFs! Over the months, I began to take time to tune in more – to myself…. To God. To my intuition. To my core. I’m most often able to clear my mind and go within when I’m out walking by myself in nature. The more I learned to listen to my inner promptings, and less to my analytical mind’s ramblings, the more I could make confident choices and move in the “right” direction (for me, at the time) and FEEL HOW I WANT TO FEEL. (Boom!)

During one warm-weather, sun-filled, breezy walk while listening to the quiet of my heart – I had an epiphany! 3 of my original 5 CDFs were changed. I knew what I wanted to feel. It stemmed from within, without logical mind-banter or over-analyzing or stress. It simply CAME to me.

And I’m still in the very early stages of my Desire Mapping process/ reading (already loving it!) As that continues to progress, so too will my understanding of myself and my desires, assuredly. What I’m saying here is – my CDFs may change again! Who knows. But it doesn’t matter so much just what those are – as much as it matters what they are TO YOU – at THIS moment, and how that impacts your drive and the meaning you get from living each day with intention. It helps you shape and mold yourself – according to what matters most to you. Simply & utterly brilliant! Remember – we aren’t truly going after ‘goals’ for the sake of reaching those goals. There are feelings associated with our goals. It’s those FEELINGS we are trying to achieve. Even if the goals change and the end result is not what you had anticipated or hoped for – you can still achieve your CDFs if you stay the course  – or veer – according to those feelings. Put those first, and the rest will fall into place. When you find yourself on a detour or looking down at the base of a well, you will be better-able to pick up and re-calculate your route – from the core.


Do YOU want some of THIS?!?


Gift yourself with an amazing means of digging deep to discover YOUR truest self – and what you really desire based on how you want to feel. It’s beyond inspiring, and has made EVERY decision so much easier for me (I tend to be overly analytical at times) – and it’s been much less stressful. It’s helped me re-discover what I really want out of life – and what holds true meaning for me.

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(Here’s to becoming intuitive goddesses – [and dudes too] – along with her!)

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