Is it Worth a Dollar to you?
Think for a moment about all of the things we’ll freely spend our hard-earned money on… Why not exchange a few more dollars for REAL food?


We’re coming down from a steady stream of spiritually inspirational posts that were covered over the holiday season… Those benefit us in every way – including how our bodies respond physically. Now, let’s dig in to some more of the tid-bits that steer us in the right direction when it comes to helping our physical bodies flourish via its tangible fuel source: FOOD! It all begins with a story – about my BEST grocery shopping day ever…. Except for that one blurp.

I zipped over to the shopping center – where I could hit both Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s…. Two hours later I was home again…. Boom! I had an entire month’s worth of food to unpack and put away (along with some extras for the holiday season/ some baking. Mmmmmm.)

I flipped on the tunes and marveled at how exceptionally efficient the whole experience was today – and I managed to get EVERYTHING I needed. EVERYTHING! Wait….. ALMOST everything.

I realized I had grabbed the WRONG EGGS! Oh for REAAAALZ. I began to feel the shoulder blades tensing up. Rawr.

Do I settle for the ‘pastured-but-supplemented-with-GMO-feed’ eggs for the month (which were $1 less than the cartons I usually buy)? Or – do I pack ’em up in the cooler bag, and head all the way back for 4 cartons of the NON-GMO & pastured eggs? Dilemma! Okay – not really. The dilemma was in taking an extra hour and double the gas to fully accomplish one shopping trip. So much for efficiency.

After all was said and done though – I’ve gotta say – I don’t regret it. If there’s one thing I don’t want to mess around with – it’s GMOs. Any chance I get to avoid them, I do. The thing is – THEY MESS WITH 2 MAJOR THINGS WITHIN OUR BODIES:

  1. Our gut. The antibiotics within those GE products are the primary culprit, though gobs of chemical pesticides don’t help either… ALL of your other systems are impacted by this… It all starts in the gut. And –
  2. OUR WHOLE BEING! The GE foods actually have the potential (and this is according to science, not me) to literally alter your genes. Even if they are altering the genes of the animals that digest those crops first, I don’t want to ingest the altered genes of the animals. (You following me?)


I remembered back to another time when I was standing there waiting to grab my non-GMO, pastured eggs, and I watched as a woman selected one of the many varieties of ‘free range’ eggs, at approximately $1.40 less than what I was paying for my PASTURED + non-GMO verified eggs! $1.40? Really? I get that it adds up when you shop big and it becomes accumulative. I do get that. But I also get what this stuff does to our bodies. AND, I happen to understand how the confusing and misleading labels trick people into paying more for something that isn’t truly what they believe it to be. I clenched my teeth, knowing that she likely just didn’t know any better. I wanted to help her – but again – I’m not the pushy type. And –  I USED TO BUY THOSE EGGS! You’re paying 2-3 times as much as ‘conventional’ eggs – for something that is just barely a step-up from them. I’ll spend the extra $1.40 to know exactly what I’m getting and how it was raised – and avoid those gut & body-altering, bio-engineered Franken-Foods. *{Update: We now spend a whole $2 more for the creme de la creme – organic & pastured!}

Now, I’m determined to spread the word about this – so that more of us can make that kind of informed choice – and outwith the mainstream… TRULY fueling our bodies & our quality of life!


I’ve paid close attention to my grocery shopping & spending – and while I agree that there are some steeper price-gaps on certain food items – I’m also quick to notice how it’s USUALLY just a few cents more for the items that are labeled with all of the things I WANT in a product, and none of the things I DON’T want…. The vast majority of the time – we’re talking less than a dollar on any given item.

And we’re NOT comparing apples to apples here! No sir…. ‘Tis much more like comparing diamonds to cubic zirconia. You’re obviously willing to pay more for the REAL thing, yeah? Yup!

It often needs to begin with a mindset-shift. What does food mean to you? Fuel? True health? QUALITY of life? Thriving? Peace of mind? What’s all of that worth to you??

I’d love to know your thoughts on it. Feel free to share in the comments below!

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