What Drives me Crazy about “the Experts”…and the Ads

Sniff out those hidden health truths. Change your life. Change the whole damn system – one step at a time.

Allow me to start with a disclaimer here: I myself am not a formally-trained ‘expert’. I’ve learned a lot – but it was through my own, unbiased, digging – and a thirst for knowledge about what is really truly beneficial (and what is not.)  But I have to say I am getting a serious jaw-ache <grinding my teeth> from reading so many of these internet posts, magazine articles, and online summits from the wide world of designated ‘experts’ within the health community. WHY, you ask?

Because so often, even these ‘experts’ get it ‘wrong’ – (to a degree. Let me explain…)

They may be very knowledgeable about their primary area of expertise relating to a specific illness or condition. However, often times as it relates back to where it all starts – at the ROOT – even our integrative/ holistic/ functional med specialists are often missing some elemental pieces of the puzzle regarding where it originates; our bodies need nourishment, and that’s where it all begins. We also need to limit exposure to the toxins in our environment, and avoid the things that have been wrongly designated as ‘food’ by our societythat were never meant to be ingested. While many of the experts are typically on board with that general mentality – they still do certain things that make my skin crawl. One example – the many unhealthy oils still promoted in so many recipes out there! I’ll touch on that again below…

BTW – when I say nourishment – I’m talking about the health of our physical bodies, and our spiritual/ emotional nourishment. We need BOTH.

Now don’t get me wrong in this…. Health care of any kind is not an easy field to be working in. It’s become especially challenging these days, with all of the new factors influencing our internal systems through foods and products that have been highly-manipulated by man – many laden with unnatural chemicals.

And so often when it comes to foods, there are two sides to every story

Take into account the fact that we are all so different, and our bodies will invariably respond differently to different items and circumstances, no doc could be 100% right all of the time. That’s not where the issue lies. For me – the issue comes in when the very elemental truths – things that are RIGHT & TRUE FOR ALL people – aren’t being re-taught by the very people we are turning to for guidance with our health. [And I sincerely believe it’s because THEY themselves are also not being properly taught these things.]

Some examples include cooking oils. So many still promote and include olive oil for cooking in their recipes or recommendations. I’ve seen well-known and well-respected DOCTORS doing this on a regular basis – let alone the magazine articles, pro chefs, and other online resources. Olive oil IS good for us – but becomes a carcinogenic toxin when exposed to high heat during cooking. And while I have come across one person (whom I’ve learned not to trust, in fact) whose research suggests otherwise, the consensus among my most highly trusted resources out there suggests that we should eat it (unprocessed, organic, and) raw – Uncooked. Think – drizzled over our foods or on salads in place of processed commercial dressings.There are also those who still promote the use of vegetable oils or canola oil in their foods. [More on this topic to come in future in-depth guides.] These are just a couple of prime examples for my frustration with the lacking knowledge out there and the (sometimes even well-intentioned) misguidance we’re often receiving. It’s why we have to remain our own #1 advocates for our health. If you aren’t feeling like your doc is truly able to help you – move on until you find someone who can.

Another example: I recently received an email announcement from a gluten-free company whose bread is now being certified as having no GMO ingredients. Hey – this is stellar, and one of the first things I recommend removing from your diet if you’re looking to clean things up. However, they didn’t bother to take into account all of the other less-than-ideal ingredients that they still continue to use in their product(s)!

The bottom line is this – don’t trust everything that you read or hear…

And of course – that’s the most challenging part of living a clean and healthy lifestyle. That is why I AM SO DEDICATED TO DIGGING DEEP FOR THE REAL TRUTH. When I look into something – I double, triple, and quadruple-check the facts – using trusted sources and investigative stealth. It’s a part-time job unto itself, and that’s why I’m passionate about spreading the word, and helping you learn these truths. The more we band together, the more change we can instigate among the Big-Ag emporium. WE VOTE WITH OUR DOLLARS EVERY TIME WE SHOP FOR OUR GOODS. I’m already doing this for my own health and that of my family. Now – I’m honored to be passing it along to YOU too.

Advertisers are always going to cling to the one ‘health benefit’ they can legally tell you about, and/ or use deceptive advertising to trick you into believing that their product is healthy. Unfortunately – labels aren’t well regulated (and their levels of lingo are not well-known). This also spills over into the use of certain words in advertisements. A prime example of one such term is the use of the words ‘all-natural’. If a company is spending money trying to convince you that their product is ‘all-natural’ – chances are they are trying to ‘convince’ you for a reason. Check out their ingredient list; If it includes anything difficult to pronounce or of an unnatural source – additives, preservatives, GMO-sourced sugar/ corn/ soy/ fillers/ or other inclusions -and nothing that designates that any portion of the product is organic or certified non-GMO – you can be sure they are working very hard to get you to trust & buy their product. Don’t let ’em fool you!

Has anyone noticed recent commercials about a certain brand of ‘chicken’ – and how ‘fresh’ it is? They keep insisting that it’s sooo ‘fresh’ – and that they don’t use antibiotics on their animals. Then they show you a cartoon image of a farm… Subliminal messages, anyone? See the thing is – just because they are allowed to show you an image of a farm, doesn’t mean these chickens are coming from true farms. The majority of chicken is stock-piled in CAFOs under harsh conditions, with little to no outdoor access, no foraging opportunities, and fed GMO-sourced feed – solely. *SIDE NOTE: It’s not legal for anyone to administer antibiotics in chicken any longer. HOWEVER – if they are receiving GMO-sourced feed, they are still being fed antibiotics – and so are you when you eat the meat!

I’ve noticed with the push for GMO-labeling among various states, and an expanding awareness of the health hazards that are so common in our food system now – more and more companies are advertising that they now make their products “without XYZ ingredient”…. High fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors & flavors, aspartame, and GMOs are some of the top examples. But have you ever stopped to consider – if they can still make their product without these harmful inclusions that are not meant to be ingested by humans – why on earth didn’t they just do it that way from the beginning???? I’ll tell you why: It was cheaper for them to make it with the fake crap – and they made a higher profit! SAD, right? AND – there was little to NO AWARENESS about these items before, so they could get away with it. Why do they change? When they start to lose money because people stop buying their unhealthy shizz. THIS is where OUR power comes in. WE can create this much-needed widespread change! AND – this is why I’m so excited to share my findings with you – to help you learn what you need to know to better our lives, and our society as a whole. I’m beyond grateful for what it has done for me!


We’re all at varied stages of our journey into healthy living. No matter how far along you are – there is always something new to be learned. New things are continually being discovered, and there are hidden truths to be revealed. I hope to help you along – no matter where you are in your vitality-journey.

Experts or not – don’t rely on just one source of information. And even more importantly, BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE.

*Even some of the most hyped-up information out there – repeated time and again – is (unfortunately) propaganda; someone is profiting from the spread of the misinformation.*
Besides that, the big corporations truly want to keep us confused and in the dark – so we just ‘give up’ and continue to eat what they want us to eat.
WE WON’T LET THEM DO THAT – WILL WE? NOPE. Take back YOUR power, one step at a time. Little Steps; BIG Impact… BAMA!


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Thanks for taking the first steps toward a life of vitality and helping to make real change within the system. Let’s keep that momentum going – together!

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