You Gotta Get ‘Dirty’ First

I have this friend… She is intuitive. She is WISE. Besides that, she’s compassionate, kind, funny, and just an all around good soul.

I was having a convo with said friend several months back – about how I was beginning to feel like I was questioning my ability to really put all this clean-living stuff “out there” – you know – publicly – for all of YOU.

My reason for that questioning at the time, was because I had found myself in the midst of yet another health-mystery, with symptoms I couldn’t initially pin-down to any one specific cause. How could I be so sure about what I was sharing online when I myself was still experiencing the off-and-on impacts of not knowing all the answers? Without really knowing what I was actually experiencing again, coupled with the fact that I’m not a trained ‘expert’ in the field of nutrition, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit unsure in that moment.

First of all – I gently reminded myself that NO ONE can possibly have ALL of the ‘answers’….

My friend, as wise and as spiritual as she is – responded with these motivational words:
“Nah. You just gotta get dirty first. You’re just gettin’ dirty!”

Now, never mind the fact that while in an office job for 5 years back in my early 20’s, I had acquired the nick-name Dirty-D from my fellow co-workers. (Ha. Not so much to do with my vixen-like qualities, so you can bypass the gutter-thinking! I’m pretty sure it was more to do with the fact that I hated that job, and I basically let my cubicle ‘go’ in the way of dust-bunnies, food crumbs, and other cleanliness factors. That practice is SO NOT ME. But then again, neither was that JOB! I had no motivation to clean that space.)

Never mind the fact that she has a compelling way of emphasizing the word “dirty” – actually – more like ‘dirtay’ (spoken with a fast & furious laughter in her voice!)

That sentence was this nudge, this reminder that I was – indeed – going through what I needed to go through in order to actually BETTER-serve my readers. Without my personal experience helping propel me forward in this mission – my words would be words – without feelings or personalization or REALITY.

Mmmmmm. Yeah. A little dirt never hurt, right? It was a reminder that I need to leave enough space for the opportunity to be led (more than self-driven). I needed to set about my goals with soul – without forcing anything. I needed to figure out what I had to learn – so I could TEACH. A teacher can’t teach until they’ve learned for themselves. I needed to pursue this passion, but also trust that I was being pointed in the right direction along the way. My journey continues. It will never ‘end’. It’s ongoing, and what I continue to learn will also be ongoing.

As I continue to evolve, and science continues to evolve, there will always be more to learn. More growth. More to share.

It reminds me of the Lion King. Anyone can relate to that in some way…. He was BORN into royalty – but he still had to step out of his comfort zone and make an effort to live out his purpose. In the beginning, he felt unsure, fearful, UNABLE to do his part to uphold the nobility of his community.

He left the brood and followed his own path, met some friends along the way, and eventually crossed paths with someone from his past – who reminded him of his worth. [BTW – this friend I referenced in the beginning – was in my life in my past, and we re-connected after about a decade before this more recent conversation unfolded. Whoa, right?]

Once the Lion King gave himself permission to be as brave and powerful as he discovered he could be – he not only fell into the role he was destined for, but he fulfilled his own desires, benefiting all of those around him in the process.

Maybe not everyone can relate back to the imaginary tales of the Lion King. I have one better….

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. BEST BOOK EVER. I bought this as a teenager in high school. *(And let me tell you – to get me to read at that age was a real challenge. If something didn’t hold my interest – I’d give up, and quickly. This book – I BOUGHT – of my own accord. I hunted it down in the bookstores, and paid with my very limited income at that time. A MUST-READ!)

To say this book is inspiring is an understatement. It’s spellbinding, and I can never put it down whenever I re-read it. It provides fantastic insight & reminders; If there’s ever been a story about getting dirty first – this is it. Because in that dirt are jewels and treasures that we’d have never come across had we not taken the risk and gotten dirty in the process!

Now I’m not royalty, or a medical pro, or certified nutritionist – but I do know some things that can benefit us ALL. I’ve stepped into my role in this – and I’m blessed to be blessing those around me with hard-to-find, fact & truth-based knowledge about ways in which we can make clean living simple & fun. I‘m here to help inspire you – but you also need to be willing to step into that role, and empower yourself with this knowledge. Together – as we make informed choices about our foods and other products, we can also instigate (much-needed) change in our society-at-large. We’ve all gotta get dirty first – or we won’t recognize the need for change. Uni’s nudges.

The system won’t change by itself. WE need to be that change! It’s never too late. It doesn’t have to be hard. You can live a life of vitality – consciously and confidently.

We all stand to benefit one another in this journey. So – let’s do this, shall we?!

Hakuna Matata (No worries.) Happy Spring! (And happy spring-cleaning.) 😉

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