Gluten Free – To Go

This week’s article is short and sweet – like this work-week. (Yay!) It was inspired by a new friend who recently went gluten-free. She asked what I take for snacks on the go….

My fave mobile-snack is a home-made trail mix! Here are the deets:

– Organic raw almonds

– Organic lightly roasted cashews

– Organic walnuts

– Organic Pecans

– Macadamia nuts

– Dried Apricots (with no sugar or artificial sweeteners!)

– Raisins (with no sugar or artificial sweeteners!)

This is my personal fave recipe. I love it just as is. However – you can experiment with yours – and add various seasonings/ spices, additional dried fruits, other nut varieties, and maybe some sweet treats – such as the Enjoy Life brand Mini Chips chocolate chips. They are the best kind of chocolate chips I’ve been able to find, without any type of soy, and it also is free of the top 8 allergens! There are literally 3 ingredients – all non-gmo! Check them out here if you like.

*{Remember – we aren’t supposed to ingest soy unless in fermented form – such as with a true soy sauce – [made without wheat!] – and things like miso & tempeh.}


Other ideas include hand-held fruits, such as bananas, apples, oranges. (Pack some almond butter along and dip for extra protein and extra Mmmm!)

There are also some ‘lesser evils’ in the way of packaged goods.While we limit prepacked or processed foods, there are some that are not so bad, and sure can be handy. We generally limit corn intake to avoid the excessively high omega 6 content. (Remember – we want to keep the ratio of omega 3s and omega 6s as close to 1:1 as possible.) When we do purchase a corn product, we always stick to organic – or non-gmo at a minimum. Our favorite corn products include Whole Foods brand (365) Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, and Trader Joe’s Organic Corn Chip Dippers. TJ’s also makes an organic popcorn with olive oil and sea salt. Nom.

There are a very few options out there for good tasting, gluten free (and soy free; *see note above) granola bars. My personal fave is the Vega Bar in the Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts & Sea Salt flavor. It’s handy (available at Whole Foods), and gives me a little chocolate fix too. There are some others that can be found online, available through sources like Vitacost. And, you an find a myriad of recipes for home-made bars online as well.

Another of the lesser evils that the whole fam enjoys are these Mediterranean Snacks brand of Lentil Chips…. Flavors tried include Sea Salt, and also Dill & Cucumber.

We also enjoy Nut Thins – in the Almond and Pecan flavors. (Other flavors – although GF – contain numerous less-than-ideal ingredients that we prefer to avoid overall.) *Also fab dipped in almond butter!

I think that covers some of the basic at-hand snacks for grabbing and going! I also personally typically like to have a home-made gf bread on hand – sliced and frozen – to pop into the toaster and slather with almond butter. Easy peazy! I recently found a nice paleo cornbread that also freezes well, and can be eaten frozen or thawed.

TIP: Pack a small cooler with some ice packs and you can also carry along some refrigerated goods for several hours…. Think cheese, yogurt, etc. The sky’s the limit in this case, depending on what your preferences are.

Those are a few of the “tricks” up my sleeve for grabbing goods on the go. Hope it is helpful and inspiring!


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