Eat the Lobster!

I’m talkin’ figuratively AND literally here!

On a recent vacation to a distant tropical land, I knew we planned to end our stay on the second of 2 islands, with dinner at our favorite lobster joint on the beach. We’d had it (twice!) on a prior trip. It was THE BEST lobster EVER. Period. I’m sure it can’t be outdone. It’s well worth the cost, and by the way – it’s probably the best deal you could get on any real lobster that fresh! This place just KNEW how to do it. MELT-in-your-mouth, taste-bud-tantalizing, cooked and seasoned to absolute perfection. I couldn’t WAIT to enjoy that again!

On the first (sister) island we vacationed on, we had an opportunity for some fresh lobster prepared by high-end chefs at a place that specialized in all home-made & organic fare. (Everything we had there was to die for too! We ate a lunch and a dinner there – and it was completely drool-worthy!) After experiencing lunch – Joel decided on the lobster for dinner. I thought about it – but chose to “wait” for Cathy’s Lobster. After all, I already knew it couldn’t be beat! And, I tasted his plate that evening just to verify that. It was cooked wonderfully and tasted divine, but not nearly like that Cathy’s collaboration we’d had a couple of years prior.

Well, long story short – Cathy’s was closed on our last night. I never had the lobster. I had NO lobster the whole trip! (On Caribbean islands – where it’s fresh-caught daily!) I didn’t let it get me down. We hadn’t tried the food at another nearby restaurant – and we learned it was also divine. And the atmosphere was fun. We dug our toes on the sand while we ate, lounged by a giant beach bonfire, and the girls and I got to dance on the beach again. So hey! I embraced the shizz outta the moment anyway. But the MORAL of the story is – EAT THE DAMN LOBSTER! Don’t “wait”. You never know when you’ll get the chance again.

So now for the figurative funzies. I also apply this to LIFE these days! When we’re feeling unsure about something, maybe just hesitant – or we recognize that this COULD be a lost opportunity – we say, “EAT THE LOBSTER!” Life is short. It’s truly truly short. We never know how much time we’ll have. We aren’t promised tomorrow. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Many things (such as money) can be reacquired. Many other things (like time) cannot.

We aren’t throwing all caution to the wind. We thoughtfully determine what is worth spending our time and money on… But – making the most of our moments has become a pretty big thing around here. I’m convinced it’s one of the healthiest things we do for our psyche and to fuel our joy, as well as the bond we strengthen as we share in those moments…

So is there any lobster you’ve been putting off enjoying??? Go and get yourself that lobster already!


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