Simple Supper – (with HEALTHY Fried Potatoes!)

If you’ve been following along – you’ll know that one of my top food weaknesses involve potatoes, (typically consisting of the less-than-healthy variety… (Think french fries and fried taters, baby!)

A little back-story… Every time we’ve tried to fry up some potatoes in a healthier way around here (with the exception of our home-made, baked french fries) – we come up a little short… (as in epic FAILS.) So – why did I decide to volunteer for the role of fried-potato-provider for a recent extended-family event??? Not quite sure! But I do know that it motivated me to find and procure THE perfect *(AND HEALTHY)* fried taters on this side of the creek! AND, these tates got RAVE REVIEWS from the party-goers – requesting the recipe… So – here it is!

I did a little online research (who me?) – and narrowed it down to a few promising ‘recipes’. So – as far as technique goes – I went with this here gem of a find over at How to Make Really Good Fried Potatoes.

THEN, I decided to do a little further experimentation, and make these babies as healthy as possible! Here’s how I roll:

    1.  I used Organic (Yukon Gold) Potatoes {Remember, potatoes are part of the dirty-dozen; they absorb the toxins in pesticides & herbicides very readily.} (We buy these at Trader Joe’s – very inexpensive there!) Approximately 2.5-3lbs fed 4 of us…
    2. I left the skin on and cubed ’em up… {Skins provide many more nutrients, including fiber, and keep the pH to alkaline!)
    3. I fried these babies in bubblin’ hot (as in temp, not flavor) Organic Red Palm Oil. *Red Palm Oil is incredibly nutrient-dense, containing the healthy fats we need to sustain proper nutrition & energy levels, (while actually increasing metabolism and mobilizing fat stores!) It’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It withstands high heat, and is ideal for this type of cooking when you want to keep it REAL (aka: HEALTHY!)
      [This is typically what makes fried anything so horrible for us…. the type(s) of oils being used! One small change; one sizable impact! I’ll be offering a more in-depth cheat sheet on oils in the not-so-distant future – stay tuned.]

    1. I added Real Salt, and Organic Black Pepper near the end of cooking time, as well as a quarter stick of butter from pasture-raised cows, stirring it in once removed from the heat. Mmmmm, nom nom!

* Joel & I also tweaked the technique based on our experiment. Allow cubed potatoes to fry uncovered, only stirring at 4 minute intervals – approximately four times – and you’ll get that crispy outer layer that is so irresistibly delicious!

FOR AN ADDED HEALTH BOOST, dash in some turmeric near the end of cooking! *(Be sure to use black pepper with it so your body can assimilate those inflammation-fighting nutrients!)


BONUS-ALERT! For everyone reading this – here’s a super easy peazy summer meal. Make these potatoes as a side-dish to accompany a classic summer supper – the Sloppy Joe.
We’re calling this recipe the SLOPPY JOEL – as my hubby (Joel) whipped it up on a whim and we all devoured it – (even the daughter who despises hamburger’s texture!)

    • 1 lb. of (Thousand Hills) 100% Grassfed Ground Beef (we like the 85% lean…. This type of pastured animal fat is actually very good for us! This is NOT what makes us ‘fat’. Actually, quite the contrary. Society has been brain-washed on ‘fats’.)
    • Gluten free Worcestershire Sauce (we like Lea & Perrins)

*[This is expensive on Amazon…. about $2 cheaper in-store!]

    • Organic Turmeric [We especially love the flavor of this one]

  • Organic Black Pepper
  • Real Salt

Brown the hamburger in a pan and add the ingredients to taste as you near the end of cooking. How easy is THAT?!

*We used Whole Foods Market brand of gluten free hamburger buns (found in their frozen gluten free section) – containing minimal ingredients with nothing too ‘evil’. Slice them in half, butter, and place under broiler for about 4 minutes.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer, and hope you enjoy this amazingly delish, quick & easy, HEALTHY summer time meal! BAMA!!

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