Talk About Thriving! Check This Simple Solution Out!

We talk a lot about “thriving” (vs. merely surviving) here on the Vitality…. I think it’s no coincidence then, that an online market named “Thrive Market” is now available to us – to help us along on our paths of Vitality!

Thrive Market is all about real foods; Wholesome products. Wholesale prices. (Can I get a ‘BAMA!’?) One of my personal goals is to not only help conscious consumers like you become more aware of the alternatives out there for avoiding society’s crud & gravitating toward healthier options, but also – to keep it SIMPLE. It can be overwhelming – and I want to remove the overwhelm from the equation and share all of my hard-earned tips with you!

I intend to provide you with some handy-helpers I’ll lovingly refer to as ‘cheat sheets’ – on topics ranging from where to begin, to how to scan those intimidating labels, as well as the top toxins to watch out for, and things like simple fixes and alternatives – (available in the e-courses!)

*One more way to simplify the learning curve is by browsing Thrive Market online. They offer an overall simple way to shop – based on your specific needs (i.e. gluten free, paleo, vegan, etc) – for products that fit Thrive Market quality standards – all at reduced prices! AND WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE IDEA OF HAVING THEIR GROCERIES DELIVERED RIGHT TO THEIR DOOR?! (Talk about simplifying!) For orders over $49, shipping is free (with a standard rate of $5 for orders under $49.) And really – who better to support with your hard-earned dollars than a company this dedicated to making healthier food options a tangible reality for all?!

I highly recommend checking them out. If their product lineup appeals to you, and you want to worry less about reading labels, or scouring shelves at a local co-op, I’m betting you’ll find the simplicity is right there on the A-honor roll! I’m proud to be affiliated with this company – whose emphasis on quality products is the most detailed I’ve seen to date!

Let’s THRIVE together –
In Peace, Love & Vitality!

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