Don’t Let Them Mislead You!


(Oh – the innocence!) See my pretty sticker? Well I say let’s STICK IT to Big-Ag!

It’s kind of like the dynamic of the photo up there… My little girl is innocent. She has no idea that the finger she selected to apply her stickers to means anything… (Innocent – like we are when it comes to food-knowledge.)

The majority of large food corporations out there, collectively known as ‘big-ag’, want to steal our innocence. They are desperate to make money in any way they can. Ideally what they want to do is keep us in the dark, confused, and so overwhelmed by contradictory information that we throw our hands up in the air and forget about it – and continue to buy their defunct products.

But we won’t let that happen. NOT US! NOPE. We are fighting back – by learning the truth – and then making better choices about our health.

Little steps; BIG impact.

My hubby forwarded this news article to me earlier this week: Diet Pepsi Drops Aspertame; Will Consumers Respond?
You may want to give it a read – and then head back here for all the reasons why this is both sickening – AND AWESOME!

K – first – the vomit-inducing points:

  • Aspartame is not the only ingredient in pop that harms our health! READ MY PREVIOUS ARTICLE on the subject of pop for all the dirty reasons it’s so horrible for us, plus creative ways of substituting it for something better!
  • The company is still trying to slyly convince us that ‘concerns over aspartame are unfounded’…. (Puh-lease. Do you really want to support companies who insult their customers’ intelligence?)
  • The company is doing this for all the wrong reasons. Do they suddenly realize there are health-harming ingredients being used in their product, so they’ve decided to cut them out over their concern for human health and to protect the public? Absolutely NOT. The truth is being leaked through third-party studies, the public is learning these truths, and they’re seeing their profits fall. As one rep in this article states – this is ‘the number one thing that their customers have been calling about…’ – So, they decided to start there and try removing this one ingredient they CLAIM is so ‘harmless’. (NICE, right?)
  • *PLEASE – be sure to check out a previous article for the updates I’ve had to make –  due to another once-natural soda company going BACKWARDS after already gaining our trust! (SO SO SAD…. I happen to re-read labels every so often to make sure nothing like this is taking place…Wonder if other consumers will notice?? THE PROBLEM IS – there haven’t been any big news stories about carcinogenic caramel coloring yet.)

On to the AWESOME points:

    (Are YOU part of it yet??)
  • THIS (their sales/ profits/ bottom dollar/ $$) is HOW WE HAVE POWER OVER them. Even the giant corporations whose money is used (via lobbying and preventing labeling laws from going into effect) to keep us in the dark and try to confuse and deceive us – (so we’ll continue to buy their products) – can’t win if we don’t continue to feed them our hard-earned dollars, baby! Let’s USE that power. (AKA: The power of CHOICE!) We can help influence what companies will be putting on their shelves, when we make informed and empowered choices that support those companies who want to truly provide healthy and meaningful options to us. Let that sink in. Remember – Awareness is step 1. Action is step 2.


At first glance, I find myself shaking my head and clenching my teeth over the way these companies put their foot into their mouths by removing supposedly ‘harmless’ ingredients – only because the general public ‘found out’ the truth about them, and chose not to fund that shizz. Not only that – but I clench at knowing how they continually put their profits before people…

But that quickly turns to a coy, knowing smile – as I realize the fact that A) Their profits are dipping big-time (so much so that they are now suddenly willing to change something to try to ‘win back’ past customers…) And B) We really DO have the power in this now! We have choices AND voices – people out there like those who fight to publish authentic studies, and like myself – who are willing to take a chance to help INFORM the public with truth-based, factual knowledge – so that we can all make confident decisions about how to live and eat clean – and live a life of Vitality!

Remember – don’t let them fool ya. We are much smarter than they THINK we are! We’ll show ’em. Take that big-ag!

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