Butter is STILL Being Debated?


SOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating when ‘published articles’ by doctors come out – especially from popular websites – with more confusing, incomplete, and therefore misleading information. AMAZING to me how a site can deliver a post from a doctor AGAINST animal fats (such as butter) one week, followed by a post by another doctor, FOR animal fats (including butter) the next. The problem is – the one who was so against this nutritional component left out a lot of details regarding the TYPES of animal fats he was so against. Rather than specifying the conventionally raised and over-processed varieties – he clumped them all together with the healthy ones – all as one big ‘no’. (So sad.)

Additionally, this ill-informed doc reported that we ‘should’ be eating more grains and carbs to minimize the impact on our health (that of our hearts, in particular). This is so untrue! Our pyramid is upside-down, actually. The simple carbs and over-consumption of grains is hitting our culture hard. These grains, many of which are also processed – are said to have a higher glycemic load on the body than processed sugar! His voice (even in written form) was snarky and even somewhat belittling. It got my teeth a’grindin’ – but thankfully, the article that followed the week after actually shed some greater light on the subject for other readers of that forum.

Needless to say (and I’ve said it before) there’s a reason why I’m not too overly-concerned with the accuracy of the ‘science’ behind many purported health ‘truths’. (I dig for my own nuggets o’ truth – hidden far beyond the reaches of the standard, inconclusive, and incomplete scientific studies out there!) And don’t even get me started on the ‘experts’. Even the well-meaning medical pros are often disillusioned by what they are taught by mainstream science, (which is sadly not only often inaccurate, but also often corrupt). Again – I dig WELL-BEYOND the reaches of ‘science’ – into the lives of those who, like me, are living their ‘science’ – and who also refuse to simply settle for ‘mainstream’ beliefs (often propaganda), or blindly trust the studies put out by companies and organizations whose bottom line depends on our purchases. (Ehem. Right? Common sense, baby!) In complete honesty (which I’m big on!) If you’re looking for all the scientific data to potentially support my claims, insights, or suggestions – you’ll probably be disappointed. I’m not against science, but I’m also not for simply believing everything it happens to suggest to us. It’s just that it can be very conflicting. (Remember when the earth was flat??) Exactly. And this is exactly along the lines of what I really want my kids to know and understand too.

Back to the butter-debate. So – snarky, ill-informed, supposed ‘expert’ #1 tells us that ALL animal fats are unhealthy for the heart, and to avoid them. Instead, replace them with primarily grains and carbs, and you’re better off. Sorry “expert” – but it’s simply not accurate info. (Clarification: if he said conventional animal fats are unhealthy – he’d be right about avoiding those…  But that’s not what he’s suggesting in this case. He lumped ALL animal fats into one category, and then guides us toward the upside-down pyramid for better heart-health – which is also amiss.)

  1. As outlined in these previous posts linked here: MEATS & DAIRY that are truly naturally derived, via 100% grass-fed/ pastured animals  – free of gmo & grain based feeds, antibiotics, and terrible living conditions – are actually quite beneficial for us! Think CLA (best sourced from animal fats, and cannot be produced by the body), omega 3’s (or a balanced ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s – equating to reduced systemic inflammation – which is the precursor to most ailments and disease), and a more alkalized product. *[I’ve read articles about some docs who actually make a point of eating a full stick’s worth of {real, pastured, organic} butter each day! And, there are people who do ‘shots’ of melted ghee (clarified butter) daily for a health boost.]
  2. As mentioned above, grains and simple carbs are responsible for more systemic inflammation, insulin spikes, and other ailments and precursors to disease than sugar! (And sugar is a incredibly bad for us, and addictive. There are plenty of substitutes out there that are natural & even healthy – and I’ll cover those in greater detail in my upcoming e-guides. So stay tuned.) These are a much greater risk to over-consume than healthy sources of saturated fats!
  3. Trans-fats, like those in pseudo-butters and vegetable oils, are actually our biggest heart-health-risks! [Much more to come regarding oils in upcoming guides as well. BIG topic!]

As I highlighted in another informative article, FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY. When it comes to heart disease, and even for lowering body weight, it’s imperative to fuel up with healthy fats. In turn, we (re-)train our bodies to burn fat as our primary fuel, rather than carbs & sugar. Our bodies NEED (the healthy kinds of) saturated fats – like those found in grass-fed meats, dairy – such as butter –  (preferably raw, if you can find it), eggs, coconut oil (coconut anything, really!), and things like avocados.

Bottom line – don’t believe everything you hear/ read/ find in the ‘news’. [EVEN – and maybe especially – when it’s something you hear advertised all over the place!] It’s not always all it’s cracked up to be. Find a source you can truly trust – to dig deeper – and who is a truth-seeker at the core. Someone else who lives by the hidden health truths that are buried beneath the layers of ‘mainstream’ media.

As my hubby says – we’re doing the best we can with what we know. (His advice rings in my ears with every new insight I continue to discover!) But we can’t do anything if we don’t begin to KNOW about it first…. EMPOWER yourself. You won’t regret it. Learn to use caution and filter what you do hear…. Make sure it’s a truly reputable source – not intent on creating drama for ratings, or potentially guiding you toward someone else’s bottom line. the less we blindly trust the mainstream ‘data’ – the more TRULY informed we become, and we can make stronger decisions with our own best interests at heart.

I’m so glad to have a place to share all of the info I’ve learned about the ‘hype’ over the past decade and a half – and to be helping you on this journey!
Want to make sure your loved peeps aren’t misinformed? Send ’em my way, would ya? I’d love to help guide others who want to outwit the mainstream!

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