Why My Family Ignores “FDA Guidelines”…

Before I rant about all of the holes in the FDA’s recommendations & guidelines, I want to give a shout-out to this brave young lady – who is taking a stand and seeking change in the system as well. She’s a dedicated girl scout, but feels frustrated about selling cookies to her loved ones – filled with GMO’s and other toxic ingredients. She’s petitioning to get GMO’s out of their cookies, and to begin selling organic cookies as well.
Please – take just a few seconds (literally) and sign her petition!


Now… About those FDA guidelines. Right from the start – I have a real issue with the fact that this one agency oversees “Food” AND “Drugs” in our country. Conflict of interest, anyone? I’ll say. But that’s just pure common sense.

Then, there’s the fact that these guidelines put out by the FDA are changed every 5 years, and bounce all over the place based on the latest ‘science’. This seems like a good practice. I mean – with newly emerging scientific findings, it only makes sense to update things that are directly affected by those findings – particularly those that impact us on a daily basis (i.e. FOOD!) However, with all of the admitted lobbying going on by the ‘interested parties’ involved in making these decisions, it seems like there is still more evidence pointing to political gains rather than the health of our citizens. *[Keep in mind that these guidelines also dictate what is given to our children in school lunches – where the ‘burden’ placed on the schools is more significant to the decision-makers than the health of the students… as noted in this NBC article. It also impacts what goes into foods that are fed to those in hospitals and other such organizations – like senior living facilities – as mentioned in this Food Babe article. Gosh, we really hate to see these organizations so ‘burdened’, don’t we? WHAT ABOUT THE HEALTH OF OUR PEOPLE?!?] Sadly – the paid propaganda and deceitful motives of the big corporations behind our food & drugs play a role in all decisions – and all the information we can readily access – including sites like WebMd. More on that in an article by the Organic Consumers Association, here.

Can you tell I get a little bit angry….. frustrated…hmmmm, passionate about this topic?? WE ALL DESERVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEALTHY & LIVE VIBRANTLY! AND THAT BEGINS WITH KNOWING WHAT WE ARE FUELING OUR VERY EXISTENCE WITH. After all, my own ailments were stripping me of living fully – and it was because at that time I believed that “they” (FDA, government officials, those ‘in charge’ of such important ‘decisions’) would actually make the health of the people their top priority. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case – and I’ve had to DIG DEEP to uncover gobs of hidden health truths that most of us wouldn’t even think to NEED to consider. (Consider for a sec whether you used to wonder, “Hmmm…. Should I grab a Subway sandwhich for lunch today – or should I first try to be sure they aren’t adding some kind of rubber ingredient to their bread?”) RIGHT?! But it took a real devotion to A) realizing that the overseers aren’t always looking out for our best interests, and B) digging, digging, digging to unearth those hidden health truths. Devoting that time and attention to what is TRULY good for us has changed my entire life, and I know it can benefit you in numerous ways too.

When it comes to what we’re told by the mainstream media and even our supposed protectors, confusion reigns…. But again – that keeps it easy for them to keep moving in their preferred directions while making it seem like they take an authentic interest in our well-being. In that case, I have a real problem with the supposed experts… and the ads. These so-called guidelines, in my opinion, are put into place to make it look good – while keeping us confused, in the dark about what we’re buying and eating, and sick. (After all – there’s more money for them in the “drug” aspect of ‘food & drug’ when we’re continually trying to remedy symptoms of illness rather than preventing them at the source. More common sense kicking in for me on this piece.)

Regardless of my personal opinion or any lingering common-sense-concerns, there are several holes in the newly released guidelines (yet again)…. So – don’t be fooled.

Here is the related article recently released on NBC news revealing the new FDA Guidelines. *Take heed – that mainstream news article is not accurate…. (Continue reading my blurb below for more on why…)

First – let’s chat about what they actually got RIGHT:

  • We should indeed reduce our sugar intake. (But um…. big fat duh.)
  • We should, generally speaking, eat more fruits & veggies. (Another duh, anyone? Yah. But they seem concerned, don’t they??)
  • We should also limit our processed, nutrient-depleted, over-board consumption of sodium. *NOTE: Limited quantities of REAL salt sources that are not processed or deplete of the vital minerals we all need are actually very beneficial to our health…. It’s generally the processed foods and high-volume restaurant foods that are overkill with ‘flavor enhancing’ sodium sources that are stripped of all nutritional benefits – and are really only there to make you keep wanting more of whatever you’re eating. [Eating more home-cooked meals using real food sources is key to avoiding the ‘bad’ sodium.]
  • I agree with “small changes” (Ehem – Little Steps, BIG Impact!) However, I do NOT agree that they are actually making things ‘easier and simpler’ for the consumer (as they claim in the article) with their ever-confusing ‘guidelines’.
  • We should obviously avoid ‘soft drinks’ and most mainstream ‘beverages’…. (More about Dropping the Pop, here.)

And now, what they are either intentionally deceiving us with, or simply still confused themselves about. (Oy):

  • “Saturated Fat” is NOT the enemy! Remember, HEALTHY sources of saturated fat are actually incredibly beneficial for us – and train our bodies to burn fat stores for energy (like they were designed to do naturally before we inundated them with sugar and sugar-producing foods as our primary fuel sources.) PROPER sources of healthy fat actually contribute to lowering incidences of disease – and obesity…
  • Our focus shouldn’t be on the number of calories…. The concern should be where the calories are coming from. To summarize greatly – it’s about emphasizing REAL foods, while indulging (like the French) in a treat or less-than-ideal item on occassion. All things in moderation… (like that 80/20 rule-of-thumb.) *Remember – we can indulge healthfully too – with substitutions!
  • MEAT is not a problem – unless it’s sourced from GMO-fed, CAFO-raised, artificially fattened, high-omega-6-laden sources. Sticking with 100% Grassfed beef and eating it in moderation (not going overboard on portions), and cooking it without charring, will actually help you obtain the beneficial nutrients you need (some of which you can only get via animal protein). With a balanced omega 3 to omega 6 intake, we can actually reduce systemic inflammation, and prevent many ailments & disease. Pastured chicken and eggs are also great sources of healthy protein.
  • Specific ‘diet’ protocols (i.e. Vegan, Mediterranean, Paleo, etc) are not necessarily the “KEY” to success. While some individuals may benefit from a certain type of restrictive diet based on specific needs or illnesses, it is not THE way to remedy most ailments. (With the exception of things such as the gluten free diet for Celiacs/ Gluten Sensitive folks – who must remove gluten in order to heal and thrive… most ‘diets’ aren’t necessary.) In fact, I have had great luck by picking and choosing from various suggested diets. I’ll cook or bake Paleo foods on occasion – simply to effectively limit my exposure to grains. But I don’t follow a strict Paleo diet. With that said, we’re all different. If someone swears that they have never felt better until embarking on a specific diet – then good for them and so be it! But this isn’t the ‘way’ for everyone. There are some things that DO benefit everyone – regardless of diet preferences or otherwise. (That’s where my focus is, and that’s what I purport. It simplifies things greatly – and I’m all about keeping things simple!) The point is – following a specific dietary guideline isn’t necessary to maintain vitality (in most cases). There is no one size fits all with restrictive diets. [And may I remind you that gluten free doesn’t automatically equate to ‘healthy’ either.]
  • As mentioned above – grains should be consumed way less, and not appear in such a prominent division of the food pyramid doled out to us by the FDA… We should limit grains, eat whole/ sprouted grains wherever possible when we do eat them, and also – avoid GMOs & ideally choose organic grains. (Grains = sugar when processed by the body. Plus, most grains have a much higher omega-6 to omega-3 ratio – resulting in systemic inflammation throughout the body.)
  • Healthy protein sources = yes. Soy = NO. As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, our bodies cannot properly break down and digest soy. Fermented forms are more readily assimilated by the body, though these still contain the estrogen-mimicking compounds that interfere with normal hormone production. (Endocrine disruptors.)
  • And last but definitely NOT least – let’s touch on cooking oils! The FDA’s recommendations are completely the opposite of what we should be doing. I have a LOT more coming out on this very deep and very controversial topic in my upcoming e-guides…. But as a general overview – vegetable oils are killing us slowly. (Canola is one of the WORST!) Certain unrefined nut & seed oils can be okay or even beneficial, though many are not designed to handle high heat cooking. (They burn and become rancid quickly – which actually equates to eating foods cooked in carcinogenic [cancer-causing] poison.) Olive oil is one of those oils that should NOT be used for high heat cooking, seen misused by chefs everywhere in mainstream media and in a multitude of recipes. There are a few different good oils that can be used for cooking – and I will dole out those juicy deets in my e-guides (coming soon!) If you need a starting point – Organic Coconut Oil is uber-versatile and stocked with health-bennies – plus good for all applications! (My little bonus for you to get you moving in the right direction.)

Bottom line is this…. Don’t give your power away. Don’t blindly trust those who oversee the industries, as they are too often more influenced by dollar signs than a concern for the population’s well-being. [Scary reality-check, I know.] Seek the rebels (like yours truly) who have taken a stand and said “to hell with this BS! – I want the TRUTH.” Fellow truth-seekers, unite! Together – we can take back our power of choice, and also – instigate much needed changes within the system. It’s happening – slowly but surely. Are YOU part of it? We get to choose to live life fully, while helping to propel the movement forward – for all of humanity.

(Whoops… Did I just rant again? Sorry…. JUST… SO… PASSIONATE. And SO DONE taking it! How about you?)

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7 Responses

  1. Debbie Kane

    I am (and have been) on board with this mission myself. While I survived a near fatal cancer using the most toxic of chemotherapy protocols in 2010, it left me disabled and fighting to regain quality of life and vibrant health ever since. That being said, for the last 4 or 5 years, I have been using Food as my medicine. I now no longer am in a wheelchair (color me oh, so thankful!). While I still have to use a walker when I leave my apartment without the arm of my husband, (due to having no feeling in my feet and ankles since round 7/8 chemotherapy treatment, October, 2010), I anticipate that this year (2016) will be the last year I will need it as well. Chemo also cost me most of my back teeth. It also caused me to become an insulin dependent Type 2 diabetic. It also caused me to have arthritis in every bone and joint in my body along with Fibromyalgia. Chronic pain causes sleep deprivation… need I go on? Now, here’s some awesome news… I AM HEALING THROUGH NUTRITION!!! I not only eat organic, grass-fed whole nutrtion, I make (and drink daily) my own nutrient dense bone broth, daily drink warm lemon/cayenne/cinnamon water, drink green juice daily and take quality supplements specific to my personal health issues. And like you, I do not adhere to any specific diet, but rather incorporate some Paleo and other healthy recipes limiting my intake of grains (all sprouted) and gluten free whenever possible. It’s working. Also, being diabetic, I have to limit sugar from fruit. And in my homemade “treats”, I even go so far as to replace the healthy unrefined sugars (ie: coconut palm, grade B maple syrup and raw honey) with the organic, HIGH QUALITY source of stevia that comes from Sweet Leaf (and their Sugar Leaf brand for baking)! All this has made this Girl Of Peace so much healthier. Thank you for your commitment to this cause we share… been loving your posts since I found you a few months ago! Sincerely, Debbie Kane, Tomball, Texas

    • dmackladykp2

      Dear Debbie – I want to say that I’m soooo happy to have you in our Vitality Lounge community! Your story gave me goosebumps, and I commend you for your bravery and your commitment to regaining your health naturally.

      You’re a testament to how all of us can benefit from really gaining an understanding of how our bodies work, and how they can truly flourish; how we can help our bodies help us – and begin to thrive!

      Very excited to hear about the progress you’ve made, and how you are continuing to take back your power and heal yourself with knowledge and aligned action! Keep on rockin’ it, sister-health-rebel! 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your story, and for the kind words about the site. So happy to know you’re enjoying it, and that I continue to touch lives as well.

      Thinking of you & wishing you super-health as you continue on your journey. Glad I can journey alongside you in our shared quest for greater awareness and REAL nutrition!

  2. Debbie Kane

    I knew you were an AWESOME connection from the moment I first read your blog, lol! Thank you for the encouragement and KUDOS you so kindly extended! Would love a private communication with you if possible???

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