Clapping for the Cage Free Movement – BUT….

WhatdofoodlabelsREALLYmeanonTheVitalityLounge.comLet’s shed some greater light on egg labels, shall we?

This comes in response to the many big chains heading in the direction of selling cage free eggs, or using them in their products, as noted in this recent ABC News article.

FIRST – Let’s applaud!! This is yet another step in the right direction. Little steps > BIG Impact, right? Right. But let’s not be too quick to applaud the companies…. WHY?

Because WE are this movement. WE are instigating this change. How we spend our dollars (aka: VOTE for what we are willing to buy) – dictates how these companies respond. So applaud the slow evolution of this movement (in spite of its flaws and motives), but more importantly – APPLAUD YOU! You and I are the reason this movement is beginning to take shape. If nothing else – we’re still seeing a trend toward better health, consumer knowledge, empowered choices, and greater awareness!

Unfortunately – there is still a sad reality about all of this…. These companies & their motives still aren’t on par.
They are seeing a trend in the market – again due to YOU & I! How we spend our dollars. They are seeing that we have valid concerns for our health, and we have begun to realize more and more, how diligent we have to be to protect ourselves and take back our power over our health! And we ARE taking back that power – by choosing better alternatives!

The bottom line is that these companies have begun to lose money – as we lose interest, and spend our dollars on healthier products.

Now don’t get me wrong – this progress is still a big deal – and a huge win for consumers –

Don’t allow the so-called experts & ads, or the false claims on labels continue to fool or MISLEAD you!

Most large-scale companies are still more concerned for their well-being (bottom dollar) than our well-being.

THE TRUTH ABOUT CAGE-FREE EGGS: In most cases, they are only a slight step up from the conventional eggs already available. There is little to no regulation of cage-free claims, as I discuss in my more in-depth prior article on the subject. The few standards in place are actually voluntary for the farmers to adhere to. (Seriously!) But besides that – even if they follow the guidelines (not regulations, but guidelines) in place for using a ‘cage free’ claim on their label – you’re mistakin’ if you think this means the birds are living ‘freely’ in the outdoors. Here’s an excerpt from the aforementioned article I wrote previously on this topic:

“Cage-Free & Free-Range are highly unregulated labels, and the basic principles are completely voluntary for farmers to adhere to. Even if the guidelines are followed, they are not truly out there foraging for natural food sources on the sunny grassy knoll. Cage free means birds are not confined to cages – but unfortunately it doesn’t mean that they aren’t still confined (and still often placed together in large groups.) Free-Range means there is supposedly outdoor access granted to the birds, though it’s not quantified or monitored, and again – is voluntary. They are often allowed a small hole by which to access the outdoors if they choose. Most often they are able to get out onto another caged-in cement surround, on which there are no grubs, insects or worms to feed on or grass to forage in – or anything at all that might draw them to this outdoor location. In other words, the suppliers could be making things look better than they really are with a better-than-conventional label (and higher price tag). It is said that most do adhere to the label’s guidelines, as weak as they are. But if you ask me, it’s like guaranteeing that I’m getting enough vitamin D into my system through sun exposure simply because I am allowed to go outside.” [Just keepin’ it Real!]

To find out more about what the labels all mean – and which we should actually be supporting (so we are really benefiting animals, the planet, and our health) – please do read that previously-written article by yours truly.

Remember – we need to remain our own best advocates! Big-time companies are moving along – but not truly with our health at heart. Don’t let them deceive you into believing their offerings are necessarily good for you – even when they make small strides toward betterment. Keep in mind, even the FDA isn’t doing their job to fully protect us. One day, when ALL companies are genuinely on board with REAL health knowledge (and not just making it look good to trick consumers into buying from them again) – we’ll have truly ‘won’. Until then – WE have to remain educated, aware, diligent, and empowered to make the best choices we can for our sake and that of our families.

Step #1 = Awareness; let’s stay informed! (I’m here for you.) If you’re not a subscriber yet – sign up for free in any of the pretty little boxes – like the one below…. [Action is step #2!] We’ve got this.


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