How Spiritually “Awake” Are You?

When I first started to really get into the practice of meditating, things got – well…WEIRD. (AND AMAZINGLY COOL! – especially once I figured out what the heck was going on…)

But first – a little preface:
Our spirituality is deeply intertwined with our physical experience here in this life. The spiritual/ emotional pieces of us impact our physical bodies, and the nature of our physical bodies can impact our emotional experience as well.

The way to TRUE vitality is by nurturing all aspects of our being – body, mind, and spirit. I think that in our busy, go-go-go society – we too often get caught up in the never-ending list of to-do’s, and we tend to forget to make both our physical AND spiritual health a priority. In addition to things like fast-food and lacking-sleep, we seem to be most likely to side-step a means of tuning into our souls, remembering to give our minds a rest – and give our spiritual selves the opportunity to provide us with guidance and inner wisdom straight from our Source.

With the multitude of cultures and religious practices, we have many different names for God or Source, and often, different perceptions. Regardless of our religious backgrounds, current beliefs, or what resonates for us on a deeper level – we can all benefit from tapping in to that inner-most consciousness – at our spiritual core. We are a piece of the Divine! We have a direct connection to that spiritual Energy.

A really beneficial way of tapping in to this Energy – which helps heal us spiritually AND physically in many profound ways – is through meditation. Don’t let that ‘term’ intimidate you! It’s not difficult, it doesn’t have to take long, and there is really no ‘wrong’ way of doing it. After all – if you can breathe – you can meditate.  [This older guest-post also highlights some of those physical bennies!]

I first began really experimenting with the practice just in the past couple of years… I wanted to embrace that side of me more, while I welcomed the opportunity to actually relax both my body and mind. I liked the idea of trying to quiet the continual ‘mind-chatter’. Although I felt like I wasn’t ‘doing it right’ initially, it wasn’t long before I began to really look forward to this new nightly ritual, and the numerous benefits. Some immediate benefits included improved sleep quality, less stress-response, clarity of thought, greater energy, heightened intuition, and an ability to make better decisions without over-thinking them. Basically, it really helped me make EACH DAY count – which is big on my list of priorities!

Soon, I was offered an opportunity to join a friend in participating in some guided meditation classes held locally. There were 2 different styles, based on different founding principles – but all with the same essential goal. The goal, is to unite us all spiritually, and awaken us to our inner-most-selves while connecting us to our Source Energy. The beneficial bi-products (both spiritual & physical) are nearly as limitless as the ways in which one can achieve meditation. From a silent prayer, to focusing on our breath, to engaging in specific rituals, or being guided with specific thoughts to evoke that inner growth – there really is no ‘wrong’ way to meditate.

If you’re curious about my personal practice – the more consistent one anyway – I’ll share it in summary here:
I typically lie down on my awesome Spoonk acupressure mat. (LOOOVE this thing! Fab for relaxing tense shoulder muscles.) I set my timer for 20 minutes…

  • I begin with thoughts of gratitude
  • I move into thoughts centered around my Core Desired Feelings. (I’ve written more about those here as well.)
  • I will often focus on the 7 Chakras, (and how my CDFs correlate so well with them! More on that in a future post.)
  • If I have a question that needs answering or some guidance in a certain area where I’m still having trouble feeling my way through to a decision – I ask for that guidance. But then, I refrain from thinking about it.
  • I try to quiet my mind and focus on my breath…

That’s it!

Overall, the experience has been beyond helpful & joyful. But nothing had prepared me for experiencing such profound (and freaky-yet-awesome) “symptoms of spiritual awakening”. Thankfully, some good friends of ours came to my rescue when I began to spill my guts and share some of these unusual things I had been experiencing at the onset of those more consistent and guided ‘tours-of-thy-Spirit’.

At first, I was a little nervous…. thinking maybe I was crazier than I had thought (wink, wink). I had not made the connection directly to my mindfulness and newly-acquired awareness (though I did have a hunch pointing toward that for some of my ‘symptoms’)…  In fact, one of the classes caused me such a marked inability to think clearly the next day (or form simple words for speech), along with weird dreams and a few other note-worthy effects, I stopped going to that one altogether. I thought it was possibly a ‘bad’ thing, when in actuality – it was likely that I was just experiencing an even deeper awareness.

When I started to spew to our friends – specifically about the more prominent things I was experiencing – they nodded knowingly and empathized with me. They didn’t think I was crazy – at all. (Okay – maybe the ‘at all’ part is a little exaggerated. These peeps know me well and know my ‘crazy’ too! However, this was not part of my standard-crazy, if you catch my drift.)

So – the list! I think I’ve kept you in suspense long enough! Yes – it is put out by a website called the “Waking Times”, and is titled 51 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. *(Note: You’ll need to scroll further in the list using the arrows at the bottom of that post to access them all…) The list was sent to me via the aforementioned friends, and I was astonished that all of these things could be a direct result of becoming more spiritually aware. Now I was no longer freaked out by any of them, but embracing them all – as a tangible sign of my developing inner-wisdom and my continued spiritual growth. (BAMA!)

I literally experienced everything. on. this. list… (Except that in number 7, I had no ‘white residue’ – Another ‘yay’.) The most prominent for me were numbers 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 40, 44, 45, 47. Again – these were just the most prominent! If I had to really narrow it down, the top-three that were the most highly mysterious (and somewhat concerning initially) – were the weird sensations on my scalp, left-brain fogginess (an inability to form simple words), and seeing/ sensing things…. Very unexpected to say the least. Made me begin to wonder if I should have an MRI. But these were not your typical physical cranial-concerns…. and – they gradually lessened again, or became less evident during my day-to-day comings & goings. (The sensing of ‘others’ around me and of my own inner promptings were still more prominent – but I was no longer fearful of anything that I was sensing.)

Ironically, when things in life became exceptionally busy for a few solid months in a row – I started to let meditation slide. I pushed aside my quiet-time-with-self-&-Spirit – to ‘catch up’ on items, or get a little extra sleep…. Now, while sleep is also integral to our ability to flourish, the ‘to-do’s’ could definitely have taken a back seat to remaining more steadfast with my meditation practice. Because – when you’re the most frazzled by life and being pulled in multiple directions – that’s when you actually need that time-for-self the most. It’ll improve your ability to fluidly and unquestioningly flow through life’s tug-o-wars while keeping you more calm, balanced, and centered in your priorities. And, our relationship to stress is drastically improved.

It’s been said by Marie Forleo (one of the peeps I follow for general life & biz insights) “There are 1440 minutes in a day. They’ll all go better if you take 10 of them to meditate.” @MarieForleo For more mojo on the subject, Check out HER recent & inspiring article and video about it HERE.
(A free guided meditation is included, plus links to some of that science behind it – woot!)

I can say first-hand, that it’s SOOO true. Meditation was making me – a better version of me.
And when I let it go for a while, I noticed it. There was a definite (undesirable) difference in my whole demeanor and ability to tend to life’s urgent matters when I began to put my practice on the back-burner in favor of ‘getting more done’. As it turns out – I didn’t actually accomplish as much as I now know I could have if I’d just remained consistent with the meditation. So there’s always time – (for what we truly value, that is.) And if you value happiness, good health, a deeper understanding of self and our purpose – then you should pro-bab-ly {high-pitched voice} value meditation. Take 5 minutes a day – for a number of days in a row – and just TRY it. No judging yourself, or trying too hard…. Just take time for listening to your heart. That’s all it takes~

So – I took my own advice, and I started again.
It didn’t take long before I began once again to have vivid dreams, and was given specific numbers to guide me – particularly during trying times. I felt the guidance that’s always there, but always subtle. I am much more aware of it and able to recognize it. I’m also more readily able to embrace it and act upon it. I can ‘feel’ my way through decisions with greater clarity and less questioning or over-analyzing. I’m recognizing my inner light – and how much I’d diminished my own truth to ‘protect’ others. I realized I had given up pieces of myself to try to make others more comfortable. So now, instead, I was fanning that inner flame again – (and still am). I was tending to my self – on all levels of my being – and I wouldn’t trade it for anything (not even more sleep!) There’s a sense of knowing, of really BEING, and of trust. It’s something I don’t ever want to lose that deep connection to ever again!

I want you to know that taking time to meditate is an enjoyable, simple practice that can be beneficial to your health – in every way. I also want you to know that as you become more open and aware, you may experience some things that seem inexplicable. But you don’t have to worry about it. You can find relief in knowing it’s just part of the physical manifestations of your Spiritual awakening. Embrace it, and be grateful for our ability to tap into this deeper Energy/ life Source, God’s pure loving guidance. And, if you don’t as readily sense or feel similar effects, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything ‘wrong’. It just means you’re doing it your way – and you’re experiencing the results in your own way as well. Assuredly – you’ll still gain, even if through more subtle and less obvious ways. (And certainly – there’s nothing to lose!)

I highly recommend that you try to more-directly experience your own Divinity!
We are all pieces of that Love-Energy, after all.

I’m going to SHINE – even more brightly! How about you?
I can confidently say that your mind, body, AND spirit will thank you.


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  1. Debbie (Girl Of Peace) Kane

    Yet another awesome article! Great re-minder and advice to help us stay ‘present’. Please keep these amazing insights coming. I for one am a truly thankful recipient!

  2. dmackladykp2

    Hey Debbie! Yes – for sure. We all need the reminders at times, myself included. Thank YOU for the great feedback; I love knowing it makes a difference! 🙂

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