Children Learn What They Live

You’ve probably heard that before…. “Children learn what they live….” Well, the opposite is also often true, that they in turn tend to live what they learn.

The BEST possible way to teach a child is by living it ourselves – through example – and this includes healthy living! They will take much greater notice of choices WE make, as the trusted adults in their lives, and often more so than anything that we might otherwise ‘tell’ them. Actions speak volumes. And they even notice things early on –  when they are quite little!

Case in point….

  • Our 8-year-old daughter recently asked if she could ‘go barefoot, to get some grounding‘ – on a particularly beautiful Spring afternoon. She’s paying attention!
  • Our 9-year-old daughter was watching a televised food show not too long ago, involving a recipe. She stated, “Mommy – you would like this! We could try it. I was listening to all of the ingredients and the only thing in there that might be bad is corn starch…” This one blew my mind! But was a fab reminder – that they are WATCHING, and LEARNING – right along with us!
  • When trailing daddy at the local store to pick up a few needed items, both girls were prompting him & reminding him with questions like, “Is it organic?” or, “Are there GMOs?” (GOTTA LOVE IT! PROOOUUUD MAMA-MOMENT!!)
  • Our oldest has also found herself in tears over the fact that extended family members wished to go out to eat at places that she knows aren’t ideal food sources. She really wanted to enjoy those occasions – but felt like she was being ‘forced’ to eat ‘bad’ foods. I have to say that I’m proud of her for her determination to eat well and take care of herself, in spite of the oft less-ideal preferences of others around us. And while we have had to remind her of that lovely 80/20 rule, and assure her that it’s okay to indulge *on occasion* (like the French) in less ideal offerings, we also want her to stay strong and choose well overall – while hopefully inspiring those around her in the process!


I’m always so grateful to be able to give them such a positive start in life – not only with their physical well-being, but also – by instilling this knowledge and these tricks into their earliest habits, giving them a foundation on which to truly THRIVE throughout their lives!

But something that has really touched me more recently was a conversation between myself and our 8-year-old…. She asked, “Mommy… Do you ever wish you could just eat gluten and not have to worry about it?” Hmmmm, very very interesting question. And there was a time when I felt that way. BUT… Here’s what I told her. “You know what? Actually – NO. I’m GLAD that I can’t eat gluten. I’m grateful that my body rejected it and I figured that out early enough to really help me learn all of the things I needed to know so that I could be healthy naturally – and that we could all eat better and live much healthier lives. If it weren’t for that – I probably wouldn’t have learned SO MANY things like I have – or it would have taken me a lot longer to understand that we have to really dig to find out what’s actually good for us and what isn’t good for us. It forced me to figure out a lot of things, and things I’m super glad I know now and can help us ALL with!” She smiled….

THEN she said THIS….

“I wish God only made healthy foods.” (I can hear the ‘awwws’, am I right?) I replied saying, “God DOES make healthy foods. PEOPLE make poor choices to ruin the foods, by adding things to them, or destroying the natural ways God made them. That’s why we have to learn all we can and choose to support only those people who do things the RIGHT ways, and also –  feed our bodies the RIGHT ways.”


If you have been putting off learning more or getting started with learning what you can to help make healthier, informed choices, consider this… KIDS can be the most motivating reason to set aside all of those other excuses, and begin to make healthy adjustments to your lifestyle. They are watching, and they are LEARNING! And if you don’t have kids – consider this: How do you feel about the planet and animals, and the waterways and the very air we breathe – as well as future generations of children – perhaps nieces or nephews, etc? I strongly encourage you do to it for yourself AND your loves. But if that isn’t enough, I highly recommend doing it for our next generation – and for ALL of humanity! And – what a thrill it is to be part of the movement!

It’s all a choice… We can make excuses, or we can make empowered change – for ourselves, our families, and for the world. Which will you choose?


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