There Are No ‘Finish Lines’…. But We DO Need to Start

I had an epiphany fairly recently…. There really are NO finish lines. (In a way, for me, this was a big ‘ouch’!)

I mean…. I knew this with certain things…. like laundry. Finish the laundry today? Guess what…. The clothes on your back are the next batch already begun. Never truly ‘finished’…

Why does this even matter?

Well – for me personally – this is HUGE. I’m a natural-born-finisher. I don’t like to begin new projects until the first one is ‘finished’. I like focus. I like the feeling that comes with a sense of accomplishment. Of completion. I also feel like I can totally let go and enjoy the rest of my adventures with a greater lightness when I don’t have any lingering ‘must do’s’ weighing on the back of my mind… Kind of like that ol’ bible verse… Where it reads that God rested on the 7th day, saying, “It is good.” Yeah – I tend to want that! “It is good.” It is complete. (And I am done.) But life on Earth had only just begun! God wasn’t ‘done’…. BUT – that Universal Love Energy I refer to as God or ‘Uni’ had reached a MILESTONE in the process of creation….

Having a new perspective on whether or not I ‘finish’ something – now has new meaning in the way it equates to ACCOMPLISHING something. One can accomplish a task, goal, or feat – without it truly being ‘finished’, or fully complete. I see it more as a stepping stone, or a learning experience – or both! Life is ever-evolving. We are ever-evolving. The Universe is ever-evolving. The only constant thing in life is change. Movement. Creation. Evolution. (And when you really think about it – what a gift!) And when you recognize that you can help to direct change – it’s even more liberating and empowering!

With that realization – I’m moving toward a new approach to all of my tasks – large & small… I’m celebrating those MILESTONES. For example – I can be an accomplished business chick – successfully producing and selling my informational products to educate & benefit the masses (soon!) – All while continuing to evolve – remaining open to what the Universe needs me to share with the world next. I’m also remaining open to how I get to that milestone!

The same goes for ALL of us. Especially when it comes to our Vitality Journeys! We’ll all have different experiences and backgrounds and personal needs that influence how we’ll proceed on our journeys. We’ll have a variety of events & ideas come our way. We’ll change our minds about one thing, and choose another. We’ll experiment. We’ll try. We’ll learn. We’ll grow……. Our journeys will never be complete – but we can and will feel ACCOMPLISHED! As a testament to this concept, I’ve never felt better in my life. I’m in my late-30’s – and I can honestly say I feel more vibrant, genuinely healthy, truly joyful (from my depths!), motivated, and energized – able to LIVE FULLY…. and continue to THRIVE – more so than I had in my early 20’s! I’ve never felt better about myself or about life, or more empowered to make choices that matter to my well-being and to that of everyone whom I touch along my path.

When we allow ourselves the opportunity to truly & fully SHINE, in all that we are, and properly fuel ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually during this journey – we are able to give of ourselves fully and lift others up with our light along the way. What better gift could we possibly give to others and ourselves?? 

When we choose to lift others up and share our light with the world, the world can only get brighter. Be THAT soul… Be THAT MOM or DAD, THAT sibling, THAT friend…. THAT unencumbered & unstoppable version of YOU. There is ONLY ONE YOU. And life is NOW! Embrace all of it – and make the most of every day!

My soon-to-be-released, knowledge-packed guides include all of the things I want my own kids to know – from the foods we eat – to the way we care for ourselves spiritually – to the very air we breathe
and soon, I’ll be sharing these insights with you as well – so we can ALL thrive – together!

It’s time to choose to say YES to YOU, and to THRIVING – rather than merely surviving!

Get ready to take your next step, and join the community of EMPOWERED individuals who want to do more than merely survive, but who choose to THRIVE, every day.
Do you want to really LIVE? Do you want to feel ACCOMPLISHED? Gift yourself with empowering knowledge to keep you moving forward. What could you accomplish if you just choose to begin? 

AWARENESS IS STEP #1. ACTION IS STEP #2.  Choose to serve your highest good & take action! Start a journey into fueling your body the right way. It all starts here.
{Stay tuned – more to come very soon!}

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