What Happened to Quality over Quantity?


Earlier this year, I had read an article in the news about Trader Joe’s coming under fire for selling cans of tuna that were ‘under filled’, per the weight description on the outside of the can…

Now let’s be clear…. I’m not interested in deception – of any variety. As you know, I’m a big-time truth-seeker & purveyor. Additionally, you may also recall that I have my issues, as well as love affair, with Trader Joe’s…

With that said – I have a couple of big issues relating to this claim…

  1. The cans state 5oz, and ‘legally’ they are allowed to weigh as low as 3.23oz minimum – per 5oz can. WHY on earth is it allowed to be ‘under filled’ AT ALL? Can I get a ‘WTF’?
  2. This is what REALLY gets me…. How is it that they will jump at the chance to file suit against a company for the quantity they claim to be selling, but yet – no one comes under fire for the general lacking QUALITY of the foods and ‘food items’ being packaged & sold in most chains?


  • WHEN will we see more suits filed against companies for applying non-food ingredients, processed & artificial additives, and straight-up poisonous ingredients (carcinogens, pesticides & herbicides, etc) to our foods?!
  • When will we see regulations that PROTECT the consumer FROM ACTUAL HARM? (Rather than merely being under-sold, though this too still needs *better* regulating.)
  • When will it become illegal for poisons and non-food items to be considered part of the food supply at all?
  • When will PEOPLE and their health, and the health of our planet, come before profits??
  • When will corporations stop trying to play God, by manipulating the very genetics of the plants and animals we rely on? When will that no longer be ‘legal’?
  • When will food have to be strictly FOOD in order to be labeled as such?
  • When will all of the big corporations be called out on their GOBS of buried deception and false claims? You know – the lies that actually pose a threat to our individual health and that of society as a whole… When will THEY be held accountable for the countless lives that have been negatively impacted, or even lost early, to preventable disease. How about misleading ads and the lies and deceit that have been carried out for decades already?
  • When will those supposedly overseeing our food supply be as adamant about the harmful inclusions repeatedly being falsely advertised as ‘safe’, ‘all natural’, and even ‘healthy’ come under such scrupulous regulation??


Yes, I want to be able to trust that what I’m buying will supply me with the amount I need…. But quite frankly – the only harm that brings about is public trust and perhaps a few cents lost…. When does our health and the entire planet’s ability to survive and thrive come first? Well, until it does – we have to make that choice for ourselves and take back our power.

I’m thrilled to be taking back my power and choosing a life of Vitality for myself and my family! YOU can too!
We vote with our dollars every day.
Clean Living and Clean Eating do not have to be hard, and it can be accomplished on any budget.
It’s never too late, or too early!
There is only a small time investment initially, but it’s so worthwhile (+ I shrink your learning curve exponentially!)
And it’s never about ‘perfection’ (not even possible, so don’t pressure yourself.)
It IS about learning all of the hidden health truths that are hard to come by, and then truly THRIVING!

So what still holds YOU back from living your fullest, most joy-filled, healthy, vibrant life??
You can make excuses, or you can make changes. Which will you CHOOSE?
You can choose today to make EACH day count – starting NOW (after all – all we have is right now!)

I want to enjoy every “right now moment” that I get to have while here…. How about you??

 To get you started right, or get you deeper into your practice, check out my comprehensive e-course series titled
Vitality 101: Eat, Sleep, THRIVE, Repeat!

[And nothing else is nearly this devoted to keeping clean eating and clean living SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE & FUN!]

Give yourself and your family a lifelong gift – of Vitality – which can even help limit or eradicate many symptoms, maladies, and disease (just like it did for me) – and have you feeling better than ever! I’m no ‘expert’, but I do know how my body has gone from merely surviving (and AILING), to THRIVING – just by changing my lifestyle.
Did I mention I like to keep things Simple, Thrifty & FUN??

Don’t wait until something ‘breaks’…. Then, it becomes an attempt to ‘cure’. Why not prevent needless issues from popping up in the first place?!
Really think about it… What is life like without our Health??



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