You Don’t Need ‘Experience’ to Accomplish BIG Things!

I have this thing…. where I like to immerse myself fully in possibility. Because if you believe it is possible – then in some way – it is.

After all, it's a brand new day, and ANYTHING can happen! Click To Tweet We had this dream (ehem, for like, 10 years…) But I’ll get to that. To understand our desire, you first need a little background…

Our back yard is our sanctuary. Our oasis. Our little piece of the northern wilderness on our own little plot of inner-city-outskirts. We have trees. MANY trees! Abundant, glorious, freaking amazing trees! (God, I love trees.) We’re actually on what you would call a ‘wooded lot’ – over 1.5 acres, with a creek that meanders through our yard on its way to the nearby river.

We have wildlife galore. (I used to keep a list, and somehow lost said list.) Think Deer (as in – BORN in our back yard, literally!), fox, river-type-critters with various tales (muskrat, woodchuck, and other ‘tales’ that we aren’t always good at identifying), a ridiculous variety of small & large birds (cranes, eagles, hawks, pileated woodpeckers, owls, ducks, geese, turkeys), and on and on….

The upper portion of our yard is sloped. Although most of that slope is gradual, it made for some interesting seating-maneuvers and tricky placement for avoiding tipping over, or busting (our then cheap, crappy, plastic) chairs. Small side-tables sat at a tilt, and placing a drink or plate of food atop them was a whole new level of assumed risk…. The grass was unruly – and grew like wildfire in that area too – all upon a double-hill (small hill leading to the more gradual slope). Always fun to mow lawn on a (double) hill, right? It was a messy venture, but we love our yard, so we sat there in spite of the grass, mud, breakable chairs, and uneven ground. For 10 years!

But early on in that 10-year period, we began to fantasize about what it would be like to have a stone-type patio – with a predominantly flat, even surface, built to blend-in beautifully with our natural surrounds. Upon entertaining this idea, the Universe started to conspire. We were met with multiple opportunities to acquire various elements for piecing this together – at spread-out intervals – on the very cheap and/ or for FREE – using the lovely Craig’s List! We didn’t know exactly what we’d be doing to create this in it’s final form – but we had some general ideas for what we desired – so we simply… BEGAN to piece together all of the items and info we’d need to make this a reality.

Finally, at the 10-year-mark of home-ownership, we managed to locate the final components at a decent rate, figure out the logistics of receiving those items, and did some research into how we’d pull this goal off!

  • First – Pinterest. PERFECT for browsing images of ‘natural-stone patios’ to get additional ideas to feed off of our original visions.
  • Second – Youtube. Ideal for watching how to create a DIY dry-stone, Chilton wall for our patio’s foundation.
  • Third – We just BEGAN! Yep…. we had some ideas. We tweaked a few things as we went along. We developed new ideas for unforeseen challenges along the way. We basically just dug our feet in, and tried to remember to focus on the outcome – the end goal – and how amazing it would feel once this was in place and official! Remember – YOU. ARE. POWERFUL!
  • We also enjoyed the process – because there is an extreme sense of gratification that comes from creating something of your very own – with your bare hands –  from scratch – using your will, creativity, man-power, determination, and expansive mind (learning as you go). And – it WAS creative! We didn’t really know exactly what we wanted, or how far our free flagstone or inexpensively-acquired Chilton would take us. We didn’t know whether we’d have enough of anything, really! But – we just kept going. Creating. Learning some more. Creating some more. Building, block by block… stone by stone…. until…………………………… BAMA!
    WE. DID. IT.

LittleStepsBIGImpactontheVitalityLounge.comDo you hear harps?? (I swear, every time I look at this photo, I hear harps.)

Here’s a glimpse into the ‘BEFORE’ stage:

And Some ‘DURING’…


And Finally – the ‘AFTER’…. Com-ple-tion!

What is the moral of this story?

When we have a dream, a passion, or want to make the most of things that bring us joy – we can accomplish anything!
Even when we “don’t know what we’re doing”….
All we have to do is – learn a little…. try…. do a little…. try some more…. learn a little more…. and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

There’s a saying… Something along the lines of, “You don’t eat an elephant all at once. You take one bite at a time.” Well – whether your elephant is building a patio from scratch with no experience, or learning how to live & eat clean – TRULY clean – evading the ever-present hidden health hazards – and empowering yourself with those hidden health truths – There’s another saying credited to Lao Tzu that notes that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step….  Hey – you know how we say it around here: Little steps lead to BIG impact!

With each small change you make for yourself – with your new armor of knowledge – the more you begin to see the pieces come together to form a beautiful new version of YOU!

Even though for the most part, your transformation won’t happen overnight, there are some tweaks and adjustments that may bring more immediate results. (For me personally – I knew after only 2 days of eliminating gluten for the first time, that this was a must for me… I already had more energy, I wasn’t so bloated or heavy-feeling, and jeans that I could not zip 2 days prior were now fitting me!) But regardless – the idea is about progress.

Transformation is a process – and the more we learn, the more empowered we become to be our own best advocate.

I really love this quote by Albert Einstein: “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

Check out the e-course information page for tips on taking back your power to thrive –  with clean living and eating – and making the most of your life! Life is now. You can start feeling great (and looking great too!) as you continue to make renewed progress. It might just be worth a small amount of effort. *(I take the guesswork out of it for you! Imagine how much easier it will be with someone GUIDING you as you continue on your vitality-journey! Your only job is to learn all you can, and then implement what you learn.)* With each new piece of the puzzle that is put into place, you’ll soon begin to feel your own BIG Impact, and find you have some even ground to walk on – with confidence! Go and check it out already! Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

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