Is ‘Crystal Clarity’ Really Necessary to Dream Fulfillment?

Okay – I loooove me some spiritual mojo! My own spiritual evolution has been ‘spooled up’ (my family’s way of saying boosted or revved up; it’s a diesel term…) over the past few years. It’s like I cannot get enough when it comes to expanding my connection to Spirit, self, and in effect – those I’m closest to besides.

I’ve been reading books like an obsessively geeked-out librarian sexy professor (more so since getting the glasses. I try not to feel too ‘studious’ in these eye-enhancers. I don’t dare take myself too seriously either! I’ve been described as looking “sophisticated” in these things – which is SO not me. Hence, the term ‘sexy’ tossed in for good measure.) I’ve been following various spiritual gurus and peeps whose insights just seem to resonate on an inherent level. I’ve ‘discovered’ several brilliant souls who are devoted to sharing their wisdom with the world, and often times I’ve heard them repeat things that I’ve already shared myself, through documenting my own experience! (I’m not putting myself on a pedestal by saying that. I’m humbled when that occurs – because I’m being reminded by Uni that I’m on my own right path, and that’s an amazing feeling.)

[In fact, I’m reading a new book that will undoubtedly be added to my growing list of resources for those who have purchased the Vitality 101, Eat Sleep, THRIVE, Repeat! clean-living e-courses! Chances are, I’ll be returning to your inbox with more insights on this process in the not-so-distant future. – so stay tuned!]

Fun fact: When I first began this clean-living & clean-eating website & blog – I had initially planned to join forces with a friend who has a much greater deal of spiritual wisdom and experience under her belt. I’ve always understood that our physical, spiritual, emotional & mental well-being all correlate with one another and play significant roles in our ability to thrive. We had planned to branch off in our own ‘specialties’ under the sub-categories of the physical, and the spiritual (hers being the more spiritual side of this.) It turned out that it wasn’t meant to be for her to participate in this endeavor, and that’s always okay. It has to be right for all involved. But at first I wasn’t sure how I was going to regularly fill that piece. Then, just like that, my questions were answered! Now – I find that I’m often (over?) sharing many-a-spiritual-revelation through my own ongoing journey! Sometimes, I feel like I actually have to reign it in a bit – and implement more on the physical – with food & toxin knowledge. (Funny how that works – and all works out…. I’m just getting dirty right along with ya.)

When it comes to manifesting our desires into physical reality – everyone who is anyone seems to insist that we need to be ‘crystal clear’ in what we want… We have to visualize it, feel it, and dream about it in great detail. And yet, we’re also supposed to be sure we can let go of any specific outcome and ‘allow’ it into being as it is meant to occur. Oh the great many paradoxes of life, right? So I got to thinking… I’ve dreamed my way to many of my current realities – often without being so ‘crystal clear’ on what exactly I wanted. I mentioned it to Joel too, and he conceded. He ‘climbed the ladder’ of truck acquisition over the years… From an older model Dodge Ram Charger to a sparkly new Dodge Ram, to the once-coveted Hemi, to the big-ol-monster diesel… With each step up – he had always seen the next version of vehicle he wanted to own, and said out loud, “I’ll have a truck like that one day…” Low and behold, he’s had them all! (And ironically, we’re also now back to owning an old [kick-ass] Ram Charger as our second vehicle. Very nostalgic. Shedding practicality & embracing FUN! More on that to come.) BUT – he never got into his future visions in rigid detail – describing the colors, or interior, or any bells or whistles…. Just the basic motor & truck style. That was it.

When we’d first started dreaming about finding a homestead that was “near enough to the city to avoid a commute, but surrounded by nature, trees, and water – preferably a creek” – we’d kind of figured it COULD happen, even though we weren’t hell-bent on making SURE it happened. (And alas, this here is the key! There is something to be said for remaining open to the actual outcome, while moving toward a desired goal.) One thing holds true: I never doubted the possibility. But I also never thought through exactly what we might have. (I certainly didn’t imagine having to fight erosion every Spring – and Fall, though this has helped me get good ‘n’ buff while enjoying this yard of ours.) Yet – here we are in a home that hosts more than we’d hoped for, on land that is like our own little piece of the northern wilderness (heaven) just outside of inner-city limits. Besides that, simply by believing that we COULD accomplish the feat, we were able to create another back-yard haven via our DIY patio – without any training, prior knowledge, or loads of dough ($). Ever since I was 2 years old, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my response had been ‘a mother’. I have 2 amazing, funny, spunky, spirited, fun, healthy, beautiful daughters. Joel always knew he wanted 2 kids, and he always somehow knew he’d have girls. But neither one of us had that all planned out either. These are only but a few stellar examples of how our passions have become our reality – even when we didn’t have all of the details ‘figured out’. It’s so much easier to remain open to possibility if we aren’t set on the specifics.

With that said, I can see the value in manifesting our realities more quickly if we do happen to have more details intertwined with our desires. It’s kind of like handing your construction crew a blueprint that is only partially complete. They can begin construction, and they could even finish it, but they won’t get it just to your liking if you don’t give them something more to go on. [A bit of pre-dreaming happening here, for our custom home in a warmer climate one day? Or – our current home – customized (i.e. kitchen facing the back yard described above!)…See how I did that?] I think that the BIGGEST factor is that we have to really WANT it – while still remaining open to how those details may ultimately play out. If we trust – remembering that the details that don’t go as ‘envisioned’ are giving way to even greater opportunity, then we can relax and allow it to come to fruition.

I also have a thing for Divine Timing… The best things really can’t be rushed. Pretty sure this is part of my lifelong lesson in patience. But maybe if I get the lesson, I can get out of the pattern!  (And start manifesting even more quickly?? Hmmmm. We shall see.)

So in summary…. While every detail isn’t necessary to making a dream a reality – added detail can be helpful, and may speed things up. But being rigid is never a good practice. Flexibility is significant. It’s imperative for us to remain both soft & strong – like love. Basically, it goes a little somethin’ like this: It’s good to dream. It’s even better to dream in detail. It’s best when we can dream and act accordingly, without clinging to an outcome. And – it’s the super-tops when we can do all of that – and still remain STEEPED in limitless possibility! ‘Tis even better yet when this all comes from a place of contentment and gratitude, intermingled with those additional desires – helping to continue steering us forward on our path. Whew! Things just got deep. But as you know, I like to keep it REAL. And I’ve found that any time I remain authentic in that approach, Uni is there to meet me, and fulfill those desires. Can I get a BAMA?!


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