Trick… A Treat Per Day Keeps the Cravings Away!


So – when most people think about ‘healthy living’, ‘healthy eating’, or embracing a ‘healthy lifestyle’ – they immediately associate that with meaning we must “diet” (ish), and give up things that we enjoy. But I’m here to tell you – we do NOT need to give up the things we enjoy to be healthy & happy! After all – happiness is a crucial part of our overall health – so the two must coincide.

So with the holidays fast-approaching, here are a couple of tricks I’ve learned to satiate those cravings (think sweet tooth, chocolate) and keep things in check, all while ENJOYING life to the max. (Otherwise, what’s the point?)

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  1. Treat yourself every day! Yep – you heard that right. If you know you get to indulge in one special-something every day – you aren’t depriving yourself. And, when done right, you aren’t hurting yourself either – particularly if you ascribe to the next point too….
  2. Indulge in health-IER substitutions! Yup yup. There are (more often than not) other readily available or easy-DIY better-for-us alternatives to rev up the joy-factor and still stick within a ‘healthy’ range.

I’ve mentioned this before – but I really believe in enjoying all MOST things in moderation – and the lovely 80/20 rule-of-thumb – when it comes to treating ourselves. [We tend to follow more of a 90/10 around here, but that’s because we feel so damn good when we treat our bodies well in addition to treating our taste buds…] And hey – I don’t know about you – but I like to think I’m actively motivated to continue aging well too. Who doesn’t want that?? Let’s remember, JOY is a big big part of it all. In fact, it’s at the epicenter of living life fully. Personally, I’m not into doing anything meaningful in a half-assed way, and that includes living life! But that is also why I’m so dedicated to learning all I can and living a truly healthy life of vitality – all while continuing to foster that joy. (Even more of it, actually. Because you get to let go of things like guilt or shame, and perfection, as you embrace fueling yourself on all levels – body & spirit. BAMA!)

Something to keep in mind as you navigate this terrain…. Remember that sugar is sugar – regardless of its source. And fat isn’t the enemy…. The type of fat & calories you consume are way more important to the nature of our health than the quantity. Here are a few previously-shared alternative recipes & ideas for imbibing in regular treats – without the harsh impact on our bods.

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Cheers to choosing good health and good grub!

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