What Resolutions?



Okay – I RARELY make an official list of New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t even generally make a singular resolution. I like to play it by ear and see what needs shifting as I feel a need to shift – throughout the year – and based upon my own desires & priorities (as opposed to society’s many ‘shoulds’).

But this year, it felt kind of exhilarating to really just take a breather, and write down – pen to paper – officially – the things that I’m planning to prioritize this year (and well beyond!)

I do have one quirky lil’ old ‘typical’ resolution…. Typical in the sense that I wish to break a habit…. Quite the weirdo habit, that I really want to break. Are you ready for it? I’m going to stop ‘chewing’ on this little area inside my lip. I know – it’s weird, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya! But every time I’m either a little bit nervous about something, or more often, when I’m really concentrating or in deep thought – I tend to find myself nibbling away. It’s annoying. It’s destructive to my mouth. It’s wrinkle-inducing… And it’s completely unnecessary. So – I’m going to wean myself off of my version of this adult ‘pacifier’.

There’s SO much more to the rest of my list…. and it goes much deeper than most resolutions. It’s also less about what I intend to ‘stop’ doing, and more about what I intend to emphasize doing on a grander scale.

  • My word of the year: ADVENTURE! Plain and simple. I intend to seek and embrace it, regardless of what else is going on in my life. In other words, no excuses. I’ve made a pact with myself to remain supportive of those around me who may be of a less adventurous (or more fear-based) mindset at times, while also not allowing that to become my cage. Quite the balancing act, but I’m getting a much better grip on it. And let’s just say that free birds cannot be both caged AND truly happy! And, the more adventures we experience, the more any fear melts away…
  • More trust… Trusting the Universe, and trusting myself. Recognizing and honoring how I really feel, and moving in that direction. BOOM!
  • In line with both of the above, more (healthy) risks. I’m not talking about disregarding my values… I’m talking about embracing them fully, and trying more things in line with those values. (Re-visit adventure, above!)
  • Additionally in line with all of the above, following my passion – consistently. Dirty looks? Crazy assumptions? Other people’s ‘shoulds’ being dropped all over the place?? Not my prob! (‘Tis theirs.)
  • OWNING my SHINE, ALWAYS. Confidence in my joy. Joy in my confidence… Always true to self… Pretty nommy.
  • Remaining POSITIVE. It can be easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged. Honoring my emotions, reflecting on them for a full understanding, and allowing anything seemingly ‘negative’ to be viewed for what it is – a nudge in a new direction and/ or a lesson – can make all the diff. Add in a dash of gratitude EVERY DAY, and voila!
  • More Random Acts of Kindness. Spreading love. Paying it forward. Sharing the light. Small things can seem huge to someone in need, whether it’s a physical need, or an emotional uplift.
  • Slowing down…. maintaining balance. R&R (Rock & Roll) + R&R (Rest & Relaxation) = Sublime Joy! Choosing commitments SELECTIVELY & deliberately. Mmmmm.
  • Maintaining an abundance mindset. Nothing from lack. Only abundance! Not being frivolous, but remembering to live now. You gotta eat that lobster!
  • The last one is a BIG one…. I will remain STEEPED in possibility! Oh yeah. When we keep that mindset flowing, the possibilities continue flowing our way too. Take it in!

So in summary – we could simply say that I’m going to be JOYFUL, and I’m going to spread that JOY! If you are leaning toward what brings you joy, you will know you are moving in the right direction.┬áHoping this inspires you to make meaningful commitments for your upcoming year – and then some. Happy-on!

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