A Rant on Self-Acceptance and the Joy of Spaghetti!
(As Provided by a Guest-Writer)


I’m a self-proclaimed, self-help junkie. OMG. I said it, and now you know this about me. I’ve loved this genre for many, many years and can’t get enough of it. Am I addicted? Maybe… Does this mean I still need a lot of help? Shouldn’t I have learned most of this stuff by now? Why do I feel like I have so many things that need improving? What’s wrong with me?


Sometimes I would ask myself these questions and the common limiting belief, “I’m not good enough” would pop into my head. I was borderline obsessed with improving myself and looked forward to the day when all my ‘trouble areas’ would be fixed. I wanted to be the healthiest, most spiritual, most well-rounded #%!@ this side of the Mississippi. Guess what? I’m still working on it…


I’m still improving…constantly. I’m still screwing up…constantly. I’m still learning…constantly. I need reminders all the time that I am enough just as I am. I’m flabbergasted how quickly I can forget this, especially when I’m under stress. Funny thing, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to forget because I’m loved unconditionally regardless…I’m loved for simply existing. There doesn’t need to be a reason. Holy cats…that’s heavy! Who could love this goofball for doing absolutely nothing but being me?

Loved for no reason? It was a hard to believe concept that took a long time to really sink in. When I forget about it, life is more of a struggle. But when I remember, I sense the soul-soothing, hurt-healing, all encompassing, pure and accepting love that makes me feel warm and squishy inside. That is my personal understanding of how the Divine feels about me, and every other human on the planet.


I’m not here to spout religion. I couldn’t care less which dogma you subscribe to, or if you subscribe to any. What I do want to spout is self-acceptance. Remember this the next time you catch yourself asking if you’re good enough. You are! So where am I going with this little rant? The point I want to get across is that it’s totally cool to strive for self-improvement as long as you remember that it’s not a requirement for love. We are all worthy of love whether we make improvements or not.


You ever eat a big plate of spaghetti? It’s delicious, but kind of messy and the noodles and sauce go all over the place. Do you like it any less or try and ‘fix’ the spaghetti for being spaghetti? Nope. You accept and love it for what it is. Guess what? You’re the spaghetti. 🙂