Yay! I love to eat well! It makes me feel amazing. I know I’m fueling my whole self – body, mind & spirit – when I choose the good stuff.


  • Body: All my systems are working in synch, and are fueled by my food choices. [Add some daily activity that also fuels the soul, and boom-shaka-laka!]


  • Mind: The ol’ noggin is included in this. It’s not a separate functioning entity. Nope. It’s fed by the same nutrients that the rest of me takes in…. [Add in some meditation, and hot-damn!]


  • Spirit: I’m free to be myself. Fully. And, I have peace-of-mind in knowing I’m doing what I can to help my inner-machine function to the max. [Add in some self-care doing something I enjoy, and KAPPOW!]



Hmmmm…. My friends wanna go out to eat. They don’t really care about what’s on the menu – as long as it fits their preferred taste, and their preferred spending allotments. <sigh>

Sound Familiar??

Not everyone is so enthusiastic about keeping healthy…


It doesn’t have to be this way! Here are a few things you can try to change things up!


1) TREAT thyself… You do not have to follow even your own rules 100% of the time. All things in moderation, dear.


2) FORGIVE thyself. (‘Cause guess what – we’re all imperfect together! Oh – and our imperfections make us not only human, but also – unique.)


3) Be encouraging. Try suggesting a place where you know you can get that grass-fed beef or that organic salad! (Now you’re thunkin’, punkin’!)


4) I’ve said it before… and I’ll say it again. (Besides, it’s hella-fun!) If friends poke around at your choices…. Just SMILEknowingly. It’ll drive ’em crazy with what you know – and what they may not. Have fun with it – and remind yourself that you’re doing this for you – and everyone around you – including these jokers. They just don’t realize how awesomely this has impacted your life quite yet. [Or there would be no fun-poking in the first place.]


5) Check online for healthful restaurant fare in your particular area!! Ooooh – internet. You are a WEALTH of steamy-hot information! Mwah, Mwah, Mwah! It’s not a big time-commitment if you specify your area, and use key terms, such as “organic”, “natural”, “local”, or rockin’! (Okay – that last one won’t work. But it’s my personal belief.)


6) Instigate positive change. Try contacting your fave local hot-spots to request organic or other healthy options! If they know there is a demand for it – they’ll at least consider it. What have you got to lose by trying? Nadda! Lots to gain though, if they oblige 🙂


Remember that you can opt for a lesser-evil and still have a darn good time! Besides, when you’re not over-indulging every day – you’re not sabotaging your ability to thrive. So – no pressure! Part of living a life of vitality – is, well…. LIVING! So – live it up, and do your best to make the most of it. Try to choose from among the better alternatives when you can.


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