Step out of the Fog and Become a Label-Reading Pro!

There are many facets of a healthy life full of vitality.

One major variant in managing your health is in learning how to outwit the advertisement and eat truly healthfully.

Here is some getting-started-guidance in the art of sorting through all of those confusing labels!

While I tend to store to memory the items to be sought after, and the items or ingredients to steer clear of, I don’t always do the best job of memorizing the “Why” behind it. Here is an overview of labels and their loopholes…. These topics and the multitude of “whys” behind my choices are explained in much greater detail and depth in my (up & coming) e-guides, which will be available in the Shop the Lounge section…
(Can’t wait to give you all those extra-juicy deets!)

In the meantime, here is a brief (and growing) list of label-reading-realities to be aware of: