Top-5 Mentality-Mandates for STAYING on the Path of Health & Happiness!

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The idea is that you begin the process of changing habits and creating new ones. It’s not about what’s trending, any passing fads, or about diets. It’s about a shift in LIFESTYLE.

The following 5 Mindset shift suggestions are excerpted from the first chapter in my up & coming guides. I love having this forum to share these findings with you. As you know, I also need to earn a living – and so I will soon have those guides available, providing more complete & comprehensive information for purchase in our Shop the Lounge section on the website. Can’t wait to share!


Here I’m giving you a sneak-peek – featuring 5 of the 12 primary mindset-shifts that will set you up for a successful vitality-journey, and keep you from limiting your own ability to be your best.


It’s hard to select only 5, actually… But I feel that these are some of the top issues that hold people back from pursuing a life of true vitality through greater knowledge & better choices. Here we go!


1) Accept that this is an ongoing process. This will not happen overnight. (Remember, I’ve already been on this journey for over 13 years myself, and I continue to find new revelations, aha-­moments, and continue to improve upon the good practices already in place as well.) The more we learn, the more we can integrate into our lives, and the more fantastic we’ll continue to feel! Select something and simply BEGIN. No right or wrong. Just start -­ with one thing today. Maybe another tomorrow, or this weekend…. Then, another next week. Just START. It’s amazing how good it feels with each new little tweak and twerk you implement. You’ll feel a sense of pride & accomplishment with each new practice you put in place for yourself.


2) TRUST that truly GOOD, truly nutritious, and truly beneficial foods actually DO TASTE GOOD

TOO! You’ll be amazed at the enjoyment you’ll gain from eating REAL foods with real bennies! (So exciting!)


3) FORGIVE yourself. Let go of perfection. None of us is, or ever will be, perfect. (And perfection aside, as consistent as I try to be, even I am not a true purist in this plight!) Even if we were capable of perfection, the majority of mass-produced foods and food products, as well as our personal care products, are still not nearly perfect. (Bonus: By doing this for yourself and your family, you are joining forces with thousands of others on this same journey, propelling companies to move toward integrity-based, truly wholesome, nutritionally optimized foods and other products! So cheers to you for taking this first step!)


4) TREAT yourself! This can mean enjoying an occasional goodie that was made or purchased by someone else – potentially containing less-­than-­ideal ingredients or inclusions. It may mean dining out with friends without worrying about what’s really in that particular meal (aside from allergens or other ingredients that pose immediate detrimental harm.) The goal is to maintain a DAILY ritual that is full of what’s truly good for you, while limiting what will otherwise do long-term harm. Nearly no one can be fully purist about this. Additionally – we all must resort to the ‘lesser evils’ at times – even if those aren’t ‘perfect’ or ideal. Again, this isn’t about being perfect, and you don’t have to ‘give up’ things that have meaning for you – such as enjoying meals with others who may not be as goal-oriented about their health. It’s about doing those things in moderation – rather than daily. This will keep you on your route to an amazingly fulfilling life!

*Note: You can help influence those around you by suggesting restaurants when eating out, or providing pot­luck offerings that are clean and healthful. The more those around you find that they actually enjoy these things, it’s more likely you’ll have additional followers (or at least supporters) on your journey – propelling us all forward for the better! AND REMEMBER – you can TREAT yourself with better items! Replace sugary, toxin-laden store-bought items with home­made goods that you create using alternatives and substitutes.


5) You can make excuses, or you can make changes. What will you choose? Decide what changes you’d like to see for you, and be unstoppable!


This is just the tip of the iceberg for ways to adjust your thinking patterns to ensure that your vitality-journey is as amazing as it can be!
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